Sunday, September 6, 2015

Lakewood BOE opens Piner Elementary at former School site

APP - Township enrolls 700 pupils in former school on County Line Rd. leasing it for 500k a year.
It was a tearful day back in June when Holy Family School closed its doors for good, due to declining enrollment.  On Thursday, the sounds of laughter and friendly greetings reverberated in those same hallways, as Lakewood’s newest public school, Piner Elementary, opened its doors to pupils and parents attending kindergarten orientation. The school district is leasing the building on East County Line Road from the parish for $500,000 per year. The district desperately needs space. Total public school enrollment, which only a few years ago stood at 5,300 students, has now risen to about 6,300,
said School Superintendent Laura A. Winters. “Temporary” trailers have been a fact of life for years at several schools, because of a lack of classroom space. Two area Catholic schools close, for good read more at APP


  1. Why are taxes paying for pre-k?

  2. How do we know if they all live in the district. We are gooing broke fast.

  3. How can we afford this? The BOE decides to make smaller classes and hire more teachers for the mexican population all at the expense of tax payers.

  4. Oros Yisroel school for special needs kids was stripped of its funding through Catapult but there is enough money for this? smh