Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Joaquin update: No matter where it lands its not Sandy

Joaquin Update: Updated evening track has shifted the landfall spot south of previous guidance with a target somewhere between North Carolina and just south of New Jersey. Winds are expected to peak near 120mph when it becomes a major category 3 hurricane in the next 48 hours. As we have said repeatedly, this will not be a Sandy like storm for the NY metro area. Regardless of where it makes landfall, rain will fall for everyone along the east coast but it will be off and on and there will be some breaks on the weekend
(details on that in a separate post later). There will also be some coastal flooding because of easterly Winds. Where it does make landfall, it is likely to have a devastating impact including flooding, power outages and wind damage. There is also the possibility the euro is correct and it goes out to sea. If you live along the coast from North Carolina to south of New Jersey, tomorrow is the time to make sure you have all the necessary supplies in case it makes landfall by you. Based on how fast it comes north will determine ultimately if it goes out to sea or where it makes landfall. There is several days before this storm would affect the east coast and things can change. Right now its the NAM/Euro models saying out to sea vs all others saying landfall

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