Monday, September 7, 2015

Booker in damage control reaching out to the Jewish community

The Observer has learned that Senator Cory Booker, who is under fire from Jewish supporters who had long treated him as one of their own, has convened an unusual emergency meeting to shore up his support in the wake of his decision to support President Obama’s deal with Iran.
Given the anger among the community, some are shocked by how readily Jews have lined up to attend a meeting hosted by someone who days earlier announced his support for a deal widely perceived – among this very same community at least – to represent an existential threat to the state of Israel. One prominent rabbi told the Observer, “I think even Booker’s staff is surprised how quickly the Jewish leaders said yes.” The invitation lists comprise a who’s who of influential Jewish leaders in New York and New Jersey, including ... Menachem Genack, the CEO of the Orthodox Union Kosher Division; Lori Fein, the New Jersey Director of the Zionist Organization of America.. and Rabbi Aaron Kotler, who leads an important congregation in Lakewood, NJ.


  1. Perfect opportunity for each 'leader' to show mr. Booker how they can bridge the political gap to the community...

  2. Booker has done nothing to help the community. He is a pro toaiva candidate and the only reason Lakewood voted for him was that he will be there for Israel, he failed us big time.