Thursday, September 3, 2015

Booker coming to Lakewood next week to explain vote on Iran deal

After saying he will vote for and support the Iran deal,  there are unconfirmed reports that NJ Senator Cory Booker plans on coming to Lakewood and meet with constituents. Many in the Jewish community oppose the Iran deal and were hoping the senator would follow NY senator Charles Shumer in opposing it. While Senator Booker is a great friend of the Jewish community, his vote for the Iran deal has angered many and he hopes to explain his position.


  1. Thank you for being my new local Lakewood news source after being banned from The Lakewood Scoop website for making a comment about how he blackmails officials who ignore him by punishing them with a negative article. (it was my first comment ever). Who owns that website???
    Thank you Hefkervelt for giving us the REAL scoop. Looking forward.

    1. I'm with you on this. Any comment that I write that is different then how they think doesn't get approved.

    2. I honestly dont understand when he block anyone who coments with a diff opinion. Anyways the comment needs approval. makes no sense

  2. Mr. Booker can stay in DC as far as I'm concerned.

    His article is nothing other than fluff. He only announced his stance after the magic number 34 already happened. Pathetic.

    Bottom line. Iran is getting billions - that no doubt will be used to finance terror against the civilized world. That blood will be on the Democrats' hands - like Mr. Booker.

    Anyone I speak to is furious and will not forget this when it comes time to vote this guy out.

    No we will not forget this betrayal.

    I can't wait to vote for your adversary.

  3. Tls wrote a shame letter regarding ms winters.
    So i wrote to tls to list the things ms winters did which would give us a better idea of what is goinh on but tls refuses. On top of that ms winters has no obligation to tls. So why is tls all in a tizzy about her not responding. Tls is known to be very biased so i cant blame anyone for not respondingto tls.