Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Blame the community

Kudos to TLS for removing offensive and anti semitic comments on its Facebook page. Without even knowing the facts of the accident on rt 9, the haters were out in force blaming the victims for wearing dark clothing, blaming the Orthodox community with all sorts of drivel and non sense. However these comments are expected when you have platforms reaching out to others beyond the community.


  1. Nebach another couple was arrested today. This is only the beginning hashem yishmor. The financial pressures of supporting a family today can lead people to a breaking point.

  2. VIN was quick to post the news. Its not up to anyone to judge or to accuse not knowing the circumstances or the facts.

  3. There was a meeting last week.

    1. a meeting of whom and about what?

  4. I am Thankful that I live in an Orthodox Jewish Community where people do not Rob, Kill, or assault each other. instead they are allways looking for opportunities to do kindeness to each other and lend a helping hand