Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sanz Rebbe to visit Lakewood

Sanz  Klausenberg Rebbe from eretz yisrael will be coming to Lakewood during his upcoming stay in the USA. Details to be announced once the Rebbe arrives, he is coming to visit his mother who is not well.

Baltimore women still in critical condition after being struck by bus in Lakewood on Shabbos

LAKEWOOD —A Baltimore woman who spent Shabbos in Lakewood to attend a Kiddush in honor of the birth of her great-niece, was struck by a NJ Transit bus and remained hospitalized in critical condition on Sunday, authorities said.  Please daven for Devorah Sarah bas Basya May she have a refuah sheleima. Debra Dopkin, 68, of Pikesville, Maryland, was walking in an unknown direction on Route 9 when she was struck by a NJ Transit bus that was traveling southbound on the highway and turning to head east on 6th Street, Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office spokesman Al Della Fave said. Dopkin was taken to Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune,

Beware of undercover cops ticketing

Motorists were stopped at the Jackson Lakewood border near Cross street by undercover police.  They are conducting seat belt checks  talking on cell phone and other minor violations, follow the rules and look out. 

BINA Lakewood reception

New committee forming plan to build more mikvaos

The dire Mikva situation sees no end in sight. The late night appointments are ridiculous and out of hand, it is just not fair. Why do the hundreds of newly wed couples have to wait up to 4 hours to get an appointment? Is it normal that people are getting home at 2 am. The New Mikva was supposed to be ready years ago a few yechidim are in control and answer to nobody. Even when it opens and is fully operational it will not supply the demand. Lakewood continues to grow with many relocating to the South Lakewood area near Toms river. Currently there are close to 12,000 mishpachos, the infrastructure is not keeping up. A group of Concerned Rabbonim and baalei batim said enough is enough they are raising funds and already have purchased a property to build a new Mikva Tahara.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Please continue to help a local mishpacha

                                                    CLICK TO DONATE
There is an upstanding ehrliche family of 12 who have been evicted form their homes! The father, a reputable mechaber seforim, is trying valiantly to keep the finances together, but due to health issues he is unable to hold down a job. If the bank is not paid off soon, the family will be continue to be homeless.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Was first street not also a safety concern?

 What is bothering the Shopper? The Shopper wrote about the recent change on Third street between Clifton Avenue and Rt 9. It was rezoned from a one way street to a two way street. The shopper points out how this unanticipated change raised safety concerns and confusion. How its a safety hazard and the road is not equipped to handle two way traffic. The same zoning change was made on first street between Madison and Clifton and Lexington avenue. It went back and forth from a one way to a two way a few times. No one screamed safety hazard. The Third street zoning change was part of a previous existing plan. Could it be the shopper is bothered that a store on third street  benefits from the change. A store the shopper may not like. Please lets  be straight up and not hide behind made up safety hazards.

The Vaad picks and chooses

Not that it makes a difference its an  irrelevant endorsement. There have been previous primary elections where the Vaad did not issue an endorsement at all. What now? why are they endorsing the same candidates again and again are they here for the tzibbur whose taxes keep on rising or are they here for a select few.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hopefully something more exciting than the primary elections

Is it Mesira !

So what if its nisht fun unzere, posting dash cams that not always gives the entire picture will end up with  mesira oif unzere. Der olam zul zich shtark achtung geben fun der "poop" un dee vus geben iber tzu dee shiltoinois. Now the trend is for ppl to post dash cam videos and report anything they feel should be reported.

Thank You Chaveirim

Someone spilled a bucket full of nails on Monmouth Avenue. This is the second such incident this week. Chaveirim & LFD cleaned up Monmouth ave after the bucket of nails was spilled there LPD is investigating. 

LPD release

Updated: Today's threat to faculty & students at the Oak Street School was unfounded.
At approximately 10am this morning we were advised that a bomb threat was made regarding the Oak Street School.
At this time all students and personnel have been safely evacuated and moved to a remote location.
An active investigation is underway and more information will be released when it becomes available.
Anyone with information regarding this threat is urged to contact the Lakewood Police Department at 732-363-0200.

What are we voting for

This coming June 2, 2015 is primary election day. On the ballot up for election is a seat on the Township committee.  Is there any reason to keep voting in the same candidates again and again. Is there a reason to vote at all. What has changed for the better? taxes keep on going up with no end. Wastefull spending is the norm. Congestion, traffic and developments with no regards to smart planing and zoning is out of hand. What are we voting for???

JCP&L upgrades infastructure to minimize power outages in Lakewood

With the upcoming hot summer months expected to produce higher electric usage, Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L) has completed numerous projects and inspections across its 13-county service area to enhance service reliability.  The work included upgrading transmission and substation equipment, upgrading circuits and modernizing distribution equipment, and trimming trees along 1,500 miles of distribution and transmission lines. Modernizing circuits in Lakewood by implementing automatic circuit switching to transfer customers to adjacent circuits and minimize outages.

Bridging troubled waters at the Lake

A fence goes up a fence goes down

Walking bridge at the lake
 Motorists Driving down East county Line yesterday were stuck in traffic watching crews install railroad crossing gates at the park Avenue train crossing.  At the lake those who use the walking bridge from Central Avenue discovered it had been vandalized the railings and fences were off and the bridge pulled apart. Was someone in need of attention?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Groupon: $35 -$50 For $100 Dinner For 2 At Prime Ninety Five In Lakewood, NJ

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015, 8:24 am
Groupon: $35 -$50 For $100 Dinner For 2 At Prime Ninety Five In Lakewood, NJ!
Update: Some accounts have a targeted promotion today to receive 30% off local deals with code (Exp: 05/27): JUST4U
Groupon: $35-$50 For $100 Dinner For 2 At Prime Ninety Five In Lakewood, NJ
Purchase either:
-$100 for Dinner for 2 valid Monday through Thursday for $35-$50.
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המכתב שהופץ ברחבי לייקווד אתמול - זוייף,

המכתב שהופץ ברחבי לייקווד אתמול - זוייף, כך אומר היום (ד) מנהל ישיבת לייקווד, הרב אהרון קוטלר ל'בחדרי חרדים'. 
הרה"ג רבי אהרון קוטלר, מנהל בית המדרש הגבוה לתורה בלייקווד, הסביר כי המכתב שפורסם אתמול, לפיו כביכול ראשי ישיבת לייקווד תומכים בהפרדה ותליית וילון באוטובוסים בעיירה, לא יצא מתחת ידיהם של ראשי הישיבה. 

בשיחה עם 'בחדרי חרדים' אומר הרב קוטלר: "המכתב הזה זוייף חד משמעית. ראשי ישיבת לייקווד מעולם לא חתמו על מכתב כזה, הוא אכן מופץ בכל מקום ומחולק בבתי הכנסת של העיירה - אבל אין לנו קשר אליו. 

"מה שקרה הוא", מסביר הרב אהרון, "שיש קו מלייקווד למונסי, ומלייקווד לברוקלין, ויש חוגים קיצוניים המעוניינים לקדם את ההפרדה ואת תליית הוילון בקו הזה, דבר שמקובל בחוגים חסידיים מסויימים אך לא כאן בלייקווד. ראשי הישיבה לא מתערבים בזה ולא רצו להתערב בזה. וכפי הנראה אחד מחוגי הקנאים עשה את מעשה החוצפה הזה וזייף את המכתב". 

N.J. is one of the most expensive places to rent in the country, new study says

The roughly one-third of New Jersey households comprised of tenants face rents that rank among the most costly in the nation, according to a new report, which shows only California, the District of Columbia, Hawaii and New York are less affordable than the Garden State.

A renter in New Jersey must earn $25.17 an hour — or $52,347 a year — to afford the average fair-market rate of $1,309 for a two-bedroom rental, according to the annual report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition.  The report, which defines affordability as a tenant not spending more than 30 percent of their income on rent and utilities, has ranked New Jersey among the top five most expensive places to rent in the country for years.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A old letter reposted signatures were forged

L bus? NJ transit? This letter was posted in shuls across Lakewood some websites got hold of it and distorted the facts. It appears to be a copy and paste job from a previous letter. Its not dated and a forgery. 

Gourgous weather compliments Yom Tov

Shavuos in Lakewood is always a beautiful Yom Tov with many guests parents and in-laws spending time with family. Unlike previous years of heatwaves and rain, the weather was perfect. Crowds walked all over town visiting and eating by friends and family, a true simchas yom tov.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Chesed of Lakewood

Over Yom Tov many will be walking across town eating out by family and friends or walking to learn with a chavrusah or visit a friend. Yechidim living along the heavily walked roads have put out cold water and drinks on their  front lawns for the Tzibbur to enjoy. Dark areas near walking paths will be lit up  up for those going to learn shavuos night. There will also be extra security over the 3 days of yom Tov.

Lakewood, a beautiful makom Torah

Lakewood only town in NJ shore that added residents from 2010- 2014

U.S. Census Bureau data released Thursday showed. owns at the Jersey Shore lost thousands of residents during the first part of the decade, while urban areas like Jersey City, Hoboken and Newark braced for an influx,  In Monmouth and Ocean counties, 35 towns added residents; 51 towns lost residents. And only one – Lakewood – was among the 25 towns in New Jersey that added the most people from 2010 to 2014. It gained 2,222 people during that time.

אשר בחר בנו מכל העמים ונתן לנו את תורתו

Senator Singer met yesterday with Rabbi Ryback and Rabbi Holland.  to hear about all the educational opportunities Torah Umesorah provides to the children here and the support it provides to teachers.

Northern Ocean county including Lakewood now in a moderate drought

With no rain and dry weather More of northern Ocean County is now abnormally dry than a week ago, and part of northwestern New Jersey is now in a moderate drought, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. State Climatologist David A. Robinson last week called the dry spell worrisome.
As of Tuesday, 55.46 percent of the Garden State is abnormally dry and 11.51 percent is in a moderate drought, according to the monitor. Despite the largely dry weather, reservoir levels in northeastern New Jersey are still close to normal but are largely sinking, according to the state Department of Environmental Protection.

Erev Shavuos traffic alert- AAA projects highest travel volume for weekend

This year, AAA is projecting the highest travel volume for the holiday weekend in the last 10 years with 37.2 million Americans planning a Memorial Day trip. The vast majority of travelers will be hitting the road, with nearly 90 percent of people driving to their destinations.

Most drivers will likely pay the lowest Memorial Day gas prices in at least five years. Today's national average price of gas is $2.66, $1.00 less than the average price on Memorial Day last year.

Nice weather over 3 days of Yom Tov

Nice weather over the 3 day Yom tov of Shavuos 

SHABBOS mostly Sunny. Highs near 70. Lows near 50.

SUNDAY  first day YT
Mostly sunny skies. Highs near 78. Lows near 58.

MONDAY 2nd day YT
Partly sunny with a few showers. Highs near 80. Lows near 62.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Flowers for Shavuos

-Pipo Flowers 392 Clifton will have a tent in the parking lot fully stocket with ready made bouquets and arrangements

-Pearl blau learning center- Flowers for Shavuos available Erev Yom Tov all NPGS locations, Feldmans, Corner of second all BMG batei midrashim from 12:30-2:30 pm. Mikva 1101 Madison from 1:00pm and on

-Set your table- Vases and fresh Flowers- Chateu plaza
-Sweitzer candy- Fresh Flowers Thursday and Friday starting at $10
-Gift Gallery silk arrangements 375 Monmouth
-Autumn creations 134 Autumn road Thursday 10-8 Friday 10-2 
-Shop Rite Howell

Why are there so many cops on the 195?

Q: Why do so many Howell cops patrol Interstate 195? APP
A: Feeling a bit guilty about that lead foot, are you? I-195 between Trenton and Belmar is a popular highway, for many reasons beyond the convenience of crossing the state without traffic lights or tolls. It's also considered an illicit drug corridor for the Shore, so the State Police and local cops do spend time scanning the roadway, said Howell Sgt. Joseph B. Markulic, head of the township's traffic safety program. "If it's not busy in town, our guys will go up there to see what is going on," he said. "There are a lot of violations there. It's the same anywhere. Everybody speeds."..

At the RCCS lakewood Dinner

BFG comes to Lakewood plan to hire over 100 high paid employees

The  Brooklyn Financial Group opened a office in Lakewood they plan to hire at least 100 new, high-paid workers. 

Rav Dovid Feinstein visits the Para aduma

Rav Dovid Feinstein shlita was in Lakewood yesterday for a parlor meeting. Prior to that he stopped off at the Para Aduma in Howell to see it first hand. The Rosh yeshiva met the owner Mr. Herb Cellar and gave a bracha that we should be zoche that the cow will be used for the Bais Hamikdosh.

Coming to Lakewood for Shavuos? heavy traffic as memorial day weekend begins

If your going to spend Shavuos in Lakewood keep in mind this Friday Erev Yom Tov is also  the start of memorial day weekend. Its the official beginning of the summer travel season and many are expected to head down to the Jersey shore. The Garden State Parkway will probably be congested with shore traffic you may want to use route 9 as an alternate to the GSP. 

Lakewooders fed daily dose of Yellow Journalisim

Every mundane news story is a "BREAKING" one, a car was submerged it did not say which lake so everyone assumed it was in Lake Carasaljo and who knows what happened. The constant updates and breaking text alerts for minor stupidities and non news items has become a norm. A car fire somewhere on the GSP, a press release of some law enforcement parade etc..  Hopefully The Tzibbur is not buying into this. 

Yeshivas Ner Moshe Dinner at Neemas Hachaim hall

Video - Zemiros group at the RCCS Dinner

Police trying to determine how a car ended up in a lake at Shenandoah park

 Police are trying to determine how a car ended up in a lake at Shenandoah Park and are seeking the public's help. 
Officers responded to the section of the park near South Clover Street just before 5 p.m. Tuesday on a report of a car in the water, said DSgt. Greg Staffordsmith. Members of the Lakewood First Aid Dive team entered the car, a 2014 Hyundai Elantra submerged in about 5 feet of water, and found no one inside. No one had come forward to report an injury as of early Tuesday night, Staffordsmith also said.

Kaliver Rebbe by Rosh Chodesh Tish in Lakewood

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A take on the lake

There have been substantial efforts to reach out to these teens. Everyone is heartbroken No one wants to turn them away. This obvious desecration of G-ds name continues to grow and get larger . The neighbors don’t mind anyone going to the lake it’s a free country. But the message had to be sent.
The world is not a free for all. Many of these kids openly light up and blow smoke at passersby. Many borderline children are curious and coming close.  An awareness to the hurt these children are going through needed to be addressed. A loud noise, a noise which will get everyone talking Solutionizing.  And Lmaan hashabos that’s what was done. Was it right? Who am I to judge?

Watch: video Lakewood chaveirim comb through home that had fire and find a ring and other valuables

Tonight RCCS Lakewood Dinner

An evening with Gedolei Torah to benefit yeshiva Bais Yehuda of Bnei Brak

Fire election appeal dropped

Today a Judge was supposed to decide on the appeal regarding the fire commissionaire. Reports are that Larry Loigman who lost the vote to David Mizrachi has dropped the appeal. The judge initially ordered a subpoena and those who dropped off questionable ballots to the Fire elections office.  Mr Loigman asked the Judge to Dismiss the case, as the witnesses story would not be sufficient to prove the votes valid and he no longer had a basis for his case, The Judge, Deputy Attorney General George Cohen, David Mizrahi the successful candidate in the election and Norman Smith the attorney general for the Board of fire commissioners all consented to the dismissal of the case. With this behind us David Mizrahi remains in the position of Fire commissioner for the remainder of the 3 year term.

Parody video not funny

Its one thing to disagree its another thing to poke fun at a serious situation.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Today is Rosh Chodesh Sivan a gutten chodesh!

                                   ויחן שם ישראל נגד ההר -כאיש אחד בלב אחד
Rosh Chodesh Sivan is distinguished as the day on which the Jewish people arrived and camped before Mount Sinai. May we have that same achdus as we ready for kabbolas haTorah.

After Obama ban, will Lakewood have to rid itself of military ammo and other donated equipment?

From .50-caliber weapons to grenade launchers, President Barack Obama said he will limit military equipment available to local police agencies.  Many local Police dept's have ammo that wouldn't be allowed under the new order. The president will enact recommendations made by a group which included New Jersey State Police. The group's report was critical of equipment that isn't necessary and sends the wrong message to the community. Are those cool Israeli weapons allowed?

NJ Education commissioner to visit Lakewood today

New Jersey Education Commissioner David C. Hespe is coming Tuesday to visit  the school district. Officials and askanim plan to meet with him in hopes of securing more state aid funneled back to the Lakewood Taxpayers to offset the rising school budget and to bridge the gap so we can retain courtesy busing.

Will the L bus replace courtesy busing?

 Courtesy busing is on the chopping block, it may stay it may be eliminated. An alternative plan  on the table is to add routes on the Lakewood shuttle system known as the L. Currently there is one route that loops from Forest avenue to Westgate and back. The plan would be to add more routes and the kids will take the L to school. The Initial funding for the L came via a grant however the township already kicked in $200,000 with UEZ funds. The burden would fall solely on Taxpayers again. Forget the logistics of having little children go on a public transport system. They will have to change the current L bus rules:
1. Children Ages 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult at least age 15 and up
2. There can only be 2 minors per adult allowed on the bus

Another BOE member resigns

APP reports that BOE member Lee Mund,  stepped down Monday. Mund, 69, told the Asbury Park Press: "I don't need the aggravation anymore. I feel sorry for the public schools but I couldn't keep fighting any more. The best thing to happen would be for the district to be taken over by state." Another member, Chaim Rosenblatt, resigned last week.
(TY anon for the tip)

Audio: Arutz Sheva interviews Lakewood families visiting & Herb Celler owner of the Para Aduma

 Arutz sheva Israel radio interviews Mr. Herb Cellar owner of the Para Adumah and Lakewood famalies visiting the red cow.

Build or let others do it.

Comment submitted to previous post
The late night appointments are only getting worse. Is it fair that people get home at 2 am? The new  Mikva tahara building should have been ready years ago where is all the money collected over the last 20 years why is it not finished yet. Worse, those who want to build or open shabbos mikvaos on the weekdays are fought and met with Resistance. How can we allow a few yechidim to control the mikvaos and don't let others from opening. There are not enough rooms, and people have to wait up to 4 hours to get an appt.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Chaveirim helping at TVOL carnival

At the Tashbar groundbreaking

I have a bridge to sell you

In an interview with a local paper a township committeeman discuses various projects that will help traffic flow and ease congestion. One idea  the idea of building a pedestrian bridge over the lake from the North beach to south lake cutting right through the lake with the ability of boat traffic to travel underneath, It will help help many walk across instead of having to go all around and people will walk instead of driving. Widening route 9, extending Vermont avenue, is also on the table among many other projects (funded of course by the taxpayers). These ideas are always spoken about but never materialized until any real change happens we have a bridge in Brooklyn that's on sale.

תפילת השל"ה לער"ח סיון

To be mekarev not merachek

Letter stating in the name of Rabbonim and Roshei yeshiva the purpose of shabbos chizuk is to be mekarev and not chalila turn anyone away. It should be done in a pleasant way with understanding and with kavod. It is solely to be marbe kavod shamayim.

Tashbar groundbreaking and Dinner event today

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Voice of lakewood hosts carnival for the community

Celebrating 10 years serving the tzibbur TVOL is hosting a free carnival in Pine park Today Sunday may, 17, 2015 from 1pm- 6pm.  The Twins from France will be performing at 1, 3, and 5 pm.

Lakewood youngerman was chavrusah with victim of Amtrak train derailment

On the Oorah auction radiothon it was learned that a Lakewood youngerman was a Torahmate with Mr. Justin Zemser a 21 year old navy midshipman  who was killed in the Amtrak train derailment. They were set up through the Oorah's chavrusah program.

Mammad kovod shabbos

In an ongoing campaign to restore kavod shabbos many walked to the lake for a second shabbos in a row, they  sang, danced and were joined by rabbonim and roshei yeshiva. Those by the lake all joined in and danced along with the shabbos atmosphere created by the hundreds who came by. It was a nice positive event there were less kids there than previous weeks.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Judge orders subpoena in fire commissioner case

A judge set a court date of May 19th to hear the case on certain ballots that were submitted during the recent elections for Fire Commissioner. The Judge issued subpoenas to those who delivered incomplete votes to the board of elections.

BMG Shabbos of Chizuk Central Avenue Neighborhood with the RoshYeshiva

State should change special Ed formula

Lakewood has great facilities for children with special education needs. These facilities draw many children from outside districts who are in need of those services. The state mandates the Township pay a portion toward their education. This results in hundreds of thousands of local tax dollars. The states calculates that 5% of the public school students will need special ed based on the ratio of public school children. However Lakewood's unique situation was not taken into account. The state only factors in the number based on the amount of students in public school which in in the 5000 range. However Lakewood has more special needs children out of  15,000 children who attend private schools yet the township must pay for ALL special needs children. Basically we are shortchanged by the state formula and mandate to pay for all special ed children yet were not getting the fair share.

Blind hate?

Cutting courtesy busing will have a bigger impact on children attending public school as opposed to children in private schools. There are more pubic school students that live within  two miles walking distance to school. The state does not mandate busing for less than two miles. So go ahead and threaten but its cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Why askanim have their hands tied with courtesy busing

Courtesy busing is not the only courtesy that's funded by the BOE. There are plenty of other courtesies that are not mandated yet they will not be cut or put up for a referendum. There are askanim fun unzere that have agencies that administer after school programs and other non mandated services for public school children that are funded by the taxpayers. They are protecting their revenue source and therefore can not advocate on behalf of the tzibbur. Its time to replace askanim and vaad members that have conflicts of interests and therefore can not properly represent or fight for the tzibbur.

A peek inside the Strand

Guess the Township is not giving enough money

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Rabbonim sign on to letter requesting aid for local mishpacha

A year later and the madness continues with no end in sight

 The late appointments continue with no end in sight.(Original post) A handful of people control a very important asset of the tzibbur. Its a year  since  the new mikva tahara was officially set to open. 15 years  of fundraising and collecting for it. Why is there no board in charge, why is there no transparency. Is it right that ppl call two days in advance and the first available appointment is after midnight or later?. If  the delay is due to a chumrah on a specific type of  tile, other locations should be allowed to open during the weekdays and not be restricted for shabbos only.

Jackson PD conduct traffic enforcement in specific areas

 The tzibur going shopping should be aware of traffic enforcement near the co-op there is increased police activity in some areas  as officers conduct traffic enforcement in specific areas in response to residents complaints of  speeding vehicles and overweight trucks . 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Very High Pollen count in Lakewood over next few days

 The  Pollen numbers for Lakewood are very high. Today it is at 11.3 Another day of a high humidity and even higher temperatures coupled with high levels of tree pollen — particularly for oak, birch and maple trees — means itchy, watery eyes and irritated noses will be the norm.  

Question about the Property tax Reassessment- do you have to let inspector into your home?

The Township is currently conducting a property tax reassessment on all the homes. Does One have to let the property tax revaluation inspector into their home?  
Although you have an absolute right to privacy, there are consequences for denying the assessor a peek inside your home. Every few years the town revalues property so everyone is taxed fairly. A finished basement, for example, will add a higher resale value to your home than a dusty junk area. But the assessor just can't barge in, according to the state's Handbook for Assessors. You can legally deny him entry.

Video- Hatzolah of lakewood 2015 presentation - back to life

At Agudas Yisroel Dinner

Monday, May 11, 2015

Fund set up to help local family

                                               DONATE HERE
$21,746 raised by 361 people in 7 days 4% funded  23 days left $300,000 goal.

Dear fellow Lakewood Residents, 
I am writing this letter as a long-time resident of our wonderful Ihr Hatorah V'Chesed (community) of Lakewood NJ. Everyone knows of the tough financial situation the community has been facing the last few years. I used to be the proud manager

Lakewood, NJ tops list of family-oriented cities

Lakewood is not that bad a place after all! RealtyTrac®, the nation’s leading source for comprehensive housing data did a study for those looking for a place that is in a family-friendly location, full of other budding families and children. By analyzing population data, the new study ranked cities based on their under-five-year-old populations. 
Topping the list was Lakewood, New Jersey, which has a population of 91,423 – 17.6 percent of which was children under five years old.
Zip City, State Population Under 5 2014 Median Property Value 
08701 Lakewood, New Jersey 91,423 17.6% $272,246

Video- Grenade story on Eyewitness news ABC 7

Politicians should visit local stores too

Its a common scene a Politician comes to visit instead of meeting the locals at the bagel store or the supermarket they are brought to a specific school or institution for a nice photo-op. They dont get to interact with the common folk and many times they are under the belief that those who they meet are officially representative of the Lakewood Tzibbur. While all institutions are important and part of the community many times the issues pertaining to the residents and tax payers are not addressed at all.

Aleksander Rebbe visits Rachmastrivka Cheder

Photo credit: Lakewood Neias.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

NJ senator could not attend Dinner

  Due to an illness in the family  Senator Cory Booker [D-NJ] was not able to attend the Annual Agudah Dinner the senator tweeted "I am so sorry I could not make it, my grandmother's health has taken a serious turn. I flew out to say goodbye."

Hatzolah carnival today part of two day fundraiser event

Carnival for the entire family from 11:30 am- 5:30 pm @ Lake Terrace Hall

Great white shark passing nearby at the Jersey shore you can track it live as it travels north

The media is infatuated with the great white shark mary lee which is making a trip up the coast along the Jersey shore. The shark is tagged and you can track it live on this website  as it makes its way north. It is currently between silverton and point pleasant beach about ten miles offshore.

Watch: Lag Baomer fire at Harmony Park- Belz Kehilla

An urgent safety message from Hatzolah

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Video from NBC NY on 40 Rescued Dogs

Shabbos march to the Lake

Rabbonim roshei yeshiva, and a large group of youngeleit walked to Lake Carasaljo on shabbos afternoon to discourage the chilull shabbos that goes on there. They sang songs, danced, spoke and conversed with the kids. Some of the kids joined in the singing and dancing. Its an unfortunate situation that does not have a quick fix but it is harming innocent children and teenagers in the area. Those who hang out were asked to please not gather while a solution is in the works. This does not take away from those who are working tirelessly with these kids. 

Hand gernade found in Westgate over shabbos

Some boys playing behind the west gate shopping center over shabbos found what appeared to be a  hand grenade with the pin still intact. Sources claim it was a used play grenade with a hole in the bottom of the grenade. The kind you find at army surplus stores. It was found near a pile of debris recently cleared next to the Clayton cement factory.  Police were called to the scene. It was determined to be just that, a dummy inert grenade that was demilled no danger at all.

Friday, May 8, 2015

שבת פרשת אמור

Shabbos Parshas Emor,  Candel lighting -7:40 Shkia- 7:58 MS-9:12 (72).
 Weather- Increasing amounts of sun 74F/61F Precip:25% Have A Wonderful Shabbos!
Sefira on shabbos is 35.

Aleksander rebbe schedule for Shabbos in lakewood

No way N.J. drivers will pump their own gas, officials say

NJ Don't worry, New Jerseyans who can't be bothered to get out of your cars: You're not going to have to pump your own gas any time soon. The legislature in Oregon — the only other state that bans self-serve gas — is considering a bill that would allow residents in more than half its counties to pump their own gas. But the people who make the law in New Jersey are not planning anything similar.

Dayan Decries חלול שבת

BMG Shabbos of Chizuk Fourteenth St. & East Seventh/ Ridge Neighborhood

Two former NJ mayors will say divrei Torah at Aguda dinner

Former Lakewood Mayor Miller and former Newark Mayor Cory Booker will be honored at the upcoming national Dinner of Agudath Israel of America. Senator Booker is the featured guest speaker, the question remains which mayor will say a better Dvar Torah.
(HT- twitter Ad Motzen)

Stores expand hours and delivery service post ShopRite

What competition can do! Some local grocery stores are expanding their hours and adding delivery to service their customers. The NPGS in Jackson will have late Friday hours and be open until 6 p.m. Erev Shabbos. Other stores are now equipped with refrigerated delivery trucks keeping the food from spoiling during the summer months deliveries.

Twins from France weekly Lakewood raffle

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Chaveirim to the rescue

Chaveirim rescue cats and Dogs too

40 dogs rescued from abandoned Lakewood home

  LAKEWOOD - Rescue crews found 40 dogs in an abandoned home on Spruce Street in Lakewood Thursday. According to rescue group Husky House, the dogs were found inside a house that was covered in feces and urine. They say Hazmat crews even found some dogs living in the walls of the building. The owners of the home have not been found. The dogs are being taken to a veterinarian to be examined.
 Update from Husky House 

עיר התורה והחסידות

Catching up to its sister city of Bnei Brak- thousands attend Lag B'omer hadlakos in Lakewood by Breslov, Stolin, Skver, Chateu, Whispering pines, Rachmastrivke, kreshevsky, Khal Chasidim, Strulowitz, Rav Shimano, Belz, other shteiblach, and Alexander rebbe from EY
Hadlaka Stolin Bais Medrash
(Ocean County Sheriff 911 photos)

Prime 95 restaurant Promo video

Twins from France visit Yussies deli give out Pogs to fans in Golden fluff promotion

Get your free Bow and Arrow

Free bows and arrows  at Toys For Thought (Clifton and 3rd street) today starting at 11 am. Enter a raffle to win one of four  25 dollar gift certificates.

Spend $5 at Lets YO of Howell in Target plaza and receive a Bow in Arrow must bring in ad from Lakewood shopper.

Minyan Shelanu Lag B'omer bonfire tonight in Pine Park 7:00 pm

Chai rotel mashke in front of Satmar shul lekovod lag B'omer

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

מדורות ל"ג בעומר‬‎

Live feed of MIRON
מדורות ל"ג בעומר Lakewood Wednesday night 
677  8th street 9:10 pm  בית מדרש קרישבסקי
2 Milano corner East Kennedy ביהמ''ד שמן למנחה
 6th Street between Madison and Forest ביהמ''ד ברסלב
 7th street corner Cornelius ביהמ''ד סטאלין

No room in Lakewood? Vineland Developmental Center campus to possibly become rabbinical school

Rabbi Shlomo C. Kanarek and state Sen. Jeff Van Drew (D-1) speak about a plan to open a rabbinical school to Vineland City Council on Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2014. (Don E. Woods | South Jersey Time)
Right now, our high school graduates travel to Israel,” Kanarek said, adding that’s a dangerous option. VINELAND – A former Vineland Developmental Center campus would become a rabbinical college under a proposal disclosed at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting The center’s West Campus at Almond and Orchard roads closed in June 2011. The state-owned property is roughly 69 acres with about 15 buildings. State Sen. Jeff Van Drew introduced the prospective developer, rabbi and businessman Shlomo C. Kanarek, to the council. The male-only college’s student enrollment could reach 1,000 and perhaps draw students from other countries, the senator said. “We feel we could bring a lot of jobs to the community,” Kanarek, a former Vineland resident, added.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Exit 11 from NJ turnpike to GSP shut down traffic use alternate route

Those coming to NJ from NY keep in mind the As of 3:14 pm, there's Emergency maintenance and an Overturned tractor trailer on the New Jersey Turnpike outer roadway southbound ramp to Interchange 11 - Garden State Parkway in Woodbridge Twp. closed to traffic. 

Aleksander Rebbe Coming To Lakewood for Lag Baomer