Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tehilim for 3 year old girl and for a Yeshiva Bachur

Please daven for Esther bas Roiza,  a 3 year old Lakewood girl who fell out of a second floor window when the screen she leaned on gave way. She is undergoing emergency surgery at JSMC.
 Also continue davening for Noach Tzvi ben Gittel, a Bachur seriously injured in a car accident, will be undergoing surgery.

YTT expo this Sunday

ShopRite circular delivered again

After two weeks with no ShopRite circular it has now resurfaced along with other weekly circulars mailed to Lakewood residents.

Judge will decide on sealed ballots for fire commissioner, today

A judge has set April 30th as the date to decide on the sealed Ballots that were not counted in the initial vote. David Mizrahi won the election and is currently the seated Fire commissioner. Former commissioner Larry Loigman is contesting and hopes the remaining votes will sway in his favor helping him take back his seat.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Why are there no elections for members of the planing, zoning and other boards

The Planning and zoning boards have an impact and say on the quality of life of the local residents. They decide if a street will go through as a grid or get blocked off inconveniencing many. They approve buildings and developments that can or have created traffic and other issues without foresight and smart planning. Why do the members or powers that be get to appoint a fellow member. The tax payers and the tzibbur should have final say through an election.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hotels coming to Lakewood

The Planning board approved plans for a Hotel at the corner of Pine street and New Hampshire Avenue. The board approved the 150 room hotel which will become a Marriott Hotel. It can be a great asset for simchas and weddings.
 Another request was made to the planning board to build a bank and hotel at the Cederbridge corporate park.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

More schools to stagger start and dismissal time to keep courtesy busing

With the threat of yet again losing courtesy busing, more schools agreed to stagger the start and dismissal time in an attempt to save 3 million dollars. Roshei mosdos plan on meeting with
officials of the state in an attempt to secure funding for Lakewood's unique situation. Read more at APP 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Zmanim לייקווד פרשת תזריע-מצורע

Candle lighting  7:26:23 הדלקת נרות
Sunset  7:44:23       שקיעת החמה

Sefiras Haomer on Shabbos: 21

Potential candidate for NJ governor visits SCHI After serving as the nation’s ambassador to Germany for four years, Philip Murphy — a deep-pocketed Democratic donor and former Goldman Sachs executive — is now setting his sights on running for New Jersey governor. Murphy, 56, has been quietly making the rounds with influential Democrats. He’s hired prominent political consultants.

500 lb bomb from WWII successfully detonated while you slept at Joint base MDL

The detonation took place around 11 p.m. The squadron determined that it was necessary to detonate the explosive Thursday, instead of waiting. “The 87th EOD determined, after careful consideration, that the UXO requires an immediate response and it will be detonated tonight,” the squadron said.The UXO is a 500 lb. World War II bomb that was discovered in Middlesex County earlier today. Military officials said nearby residents of the join base could expect to hear a “considerable noise” and possibly feel the ground shake when the detonation occurs. These conditions will be especially prominent as a result of the overcast weather conditions in the area.

Shabbos of chizuk for the Brookhill -Twin Oaks neighborhood

Neighborhood gatherings to replace "tent event"

Tha annual evening of chizuk known as the  tent event to support Beth Medrash Govoha has been reformatted and will be replaced by smaller communal events.

Hespedim for Rav Shmuel Wosner zatzal in Lakewood

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

karlsburger Rav at Kol Aryeh

Sticker on the box notifying it is illegal to buy alcohol for anyone under 21

LPD photo
Project Sticker Shock 2015.
Yesterday local youths from Omega 13, along with the Ocean County Health Department and Officers from the Lakewood Police Department, participated in the program, designed to spread public awareness about the dangers of underage drinking. 

More comments on TLS FB page on closing of shop rite

 What a shame they have taking over Lakewood what next

 You can bet almost any amount of money that some type of Temple will be put there. Just saying

Hmm I wonder what its gonna turn into now, smh..

What a shame they took over Lakewood.

They already got hospital  and changed the name.. Its no longer Paul Kimball its Monmouth Medical southern campass.. They dont deliver babies 

A visit to the new Howell ShopRite

Those expecting to have the same products and services as the former Lakewood store had are in for a surprise. The new store is a totally different setup. Its not that there is no Kosher experience. The Lakewood store catered to the needs of the tzibbur and frum community carrying seasonal and daily products. The new store does not have an abundance of diapers, sodas and other items the community always purchased. The Kosher aisle is comparable to any other Stop n shop or Wal- mart. There is only a frozen case with kosher poultry, empire but no fresh chicken, yet. We were spoiled.

Good news almost all Girls going to Primary have a school for next year

B"H Ask around, you wont hear of many girls who still dont have a school for next year. Yechidim and roshei mosdos stepped up to the plate and made sure every girl will have a school to go to. A few new schools will be opening up iy'h and many schools added classes enabling many to get in to the school of their choice. Not everyone will get to go to the school of their choosing but they all found a place at the end. As an aside some of the new classes are smaller which is beneficial for the students and teachers. As far as boy schools and high schools, that's a different story.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

ShopRite in Neptune will offer delivery to lakewood with "ShopRite from home"

 ShopRite of Neptune, which features a full Kosher Experience department, will offer ShopRite from Home to Lakewood area customers, according to Santina Stankevich, a spokesperson for ShopRite.  It is 15 miles from Lakewood. Shoprite from Home allows customers to order their groceries online with the option to receive delivery. there is a $6.95 fee for delivery. A personal shopper service fee of 10% will be applied to the first $150 of any purchase in addition one will have to wait 5 hours from when placing the order to the delivery according to the timetable.

Rav Yecheskel Roth, Karlsburg dayan will visit Lakewood

Last minute shoppers get deals at ShopRite

With the closing of the Lakewood ShopRite tonight at 9 pm, frugal shoppers got bargains on produce and perishables that went on sale. The meat department was empty as was the fruits and vegetables with manager's specials. All other items did not go on sale and will probably be transferred to the new location. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Proposed NJ transit fare hikes will increase one way ticket from Lakewood to NY to $19

A monthly bus pass from Lakewood to the Port Authority Bus Terminal would go from $411 to $448, up 9 percent. The proposed hike would go into effect this October. NJ transit will host 9 public hearings on the proposal.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Birchas Ilanos Lakewood 2015/5775 list of fruit trees

It maybe too early but spring is here and the blossoms should start soon here is a list of fruit trees in Lakewood from Misaskim

Friday, April 17, 2015

RV camping show at First Energy park today through Sunday

LAKEWOOD, NJ - The BlueClaws are hosting a Camping World Spring RV Show at FirstEnergy Park from April 17-19.

There will be fold downs, trailer trailers, hybrids, 5th wheels, toy haulers, van campers, and destination/park trailers, as well as Class C and Class A diesel pushers in the FirstEnergy Park parking lot. In total, over 100 RVs, new and used, will be on display.

The event runs 10-7 on Friday and Saturday as well as 10-5 on Sunday.

Admission is free.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Saker shopRite issues statement on closing of its Lakewood store

wobm If the ShopRite in Lakewood is your weekly grocery destination, starting next week, you’ll have to change your route a little bit. The store is closing on Tuesday (April 21st). The company has issued a statement to address community concerns about the closing:
Saker ShopRites, the store’s owners, provided the following statement to The Lakewood Scoop
“Saker ShopRites is proud to have served its neighbors in the Lakewood community for more than 50 years. Although the store will be closing effective Tuesday, April 21, 2015, we hope you will visit us at nearby ShopRite locations in Bricktown, Toms River and Jackson, as well as the new, state-of-the-art, 80,000 square foot ShopRite of Howell, which is scheduled to open on Wednesday, April 22.”
They also pointed out that there are a number of other ShopRite locations that offer full Kosher sections.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

New Kosher supermarkets coming will it help the tzibbur? is there enough room for all?

Besides for the current groceries and supermarkets 4 or 5 new ones are said to be opening in Lakewood. Gourmet Glatt of Brooklyn is rumored to take over the location of the current ShopRite which is moving to nearby Howell. Reports, that Evergreen from Monsey is building a mega-store on the site of the former Chateau grand. Seasons kosher market from the five towns, advertise of opening a branch in Lakewood. NPGS may add another location down rt 9 south. Competition will benefit the Tzibbur especially if KRM also opens a branch in Lakewood.

General Tax rate in Lakewood

 The General Tax Rate is a multiplier for use in determining the amount of tax levied upon each property. It is expressed as $1 per $100 of taxable assessed value. 
This rate is used to compute the tax bill.
  2014   2.263
  2013   2.425 
  2012   2.266
  2011   2.220
  2010   2.251
  2009   1.798
  2008   1.691
  2007   1.603
  2006   1.518
  2005    3.447
  2004    3.316
Example General Tax Rate:
Assessed Value 150,000
x General Tax Rate
Tax Bill 5,637

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Comments left on TLS Facebook page about the tzibbur, in response to the closing of Lakewood shopRite

Note most of these comments were left by aino yehudim who TLS also caters to..

-The entire town got taken over and became an absolute disaster it's very sad

-Oh my god.... Means more Lakewood drivers in Howell. Hope it doesn't get as nasty looking as Lakewood one got.

-Everythin thats not kosher is next, not racist, just realistic speaking

-Pretty soon the town will be closing its doors.

-Ugh. That means the new one in Howell is gonna be ruined .... I'll stick with mine in Jackson

-Can we now have magazines that's aren't covered ...

-OMG!!! Seriously like what other store are u gonna be closing that's a shame....

-Was looking forward to the shop rite opening in Howell ,not anymore .

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Shelves emptying as ShopRite readies to move

Its not only all the chometz products that are flying off the shelves but it appears the Lakewood shop Rite is not restocking on items as it gets ready to move to neighboring Howell at the former path mark location near Staples. The status of the current store is not finalized it appears though that it will re open under the Price chopper supermarket chain.

Knesset member Yisrael Eichler visits new Belzer Kehilla in Lakewood

Video- Hachnosas Orchim house in memory of Aharon Sofer Z''L

The Aharon Sofer Hachnosas Orchim House Campaign is in full swing. In this video Aharon's Father and Reb Yitzchok Sorotzkin Shlita speak about the importance of this wonderful project, the great value of Hachnosas Orchim,and how this is truly a way to keep Aharon's Legacy Alive.

Mishkan Aharon Hachnosas Orchim house for all of Lakewood in Memory of Habachur Aharon Sofer Z"L

Visit website to Donate
Mishkan Ahronhachnosas orchim

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Packed crowds at local attractions put a damper on Chol hamoed trips

Eagelswood and Diggerland were packed. Chol Hamoed plus spring break and easter was just too much for the parks to handle. As the rain came they shut the rides and there was no where to go. People waited on lines for over an hour some didnt even get to go on any rides. Even at the Philadelphia zoo the lines were over two hours in waiting. Those who stayed home might have been the lucky ones this time.

Shop Rite will be open Motzei Pesach to accommodate the Tzibbur

Once again Shop Rite of Lakewood will be open Motzei Pesach for those who want to stock up on Chometz. There will be plenty available.

Eruv Tavshilin

Remember to make an Eruv Tavshilin. Also for those making a Neilas hachag in Shul keep in mind the second day of Yom Tov is Shabbos food should be brought to shul in advance (where there is no eruv).

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Thank you! Dr. Roberts

We take it for granted as a given but we thank Dr. Rich Roberts for once again providing a Fun family Chol Hamoed event with entertainment and all. At the same time saving money and easing the financial burden on Lakewood mishpachos.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Jewish press newspaper delivered to residents

Not enough papers delivered to your door? some residents got a Yom tov gift of the Jewish press Pesach issue delivered to their door free of charge. Was it sponsored by Dirshu or perhaps the paper is reaching out to the community as evidence by an article on Lakewood..

Rain in the forecast Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

The last 3 days of chol hamoed calls for rain and showers in the forecast. Plan accordingly. Roberts carnival still scheduled for Tuesday. Temps are also expected to drop in the 40's on Wed and Thursday.

Chol Hamoed at Six Flags

Join NCSY at Six Flags  Chol Hamoed Pesach  APRIL 6th, 7th, 8th 
Performing Live on April 6th:
Tickets are $45

2015 Pesach Chol Hamoed Carnival


Regarding 2015 Pesach Chol Hamoed Carnival Sponsored by Kollel Ner Avrohom, Inc. – This week will be the only ad on this topic so please save this page and show it to others. You can also see this notice on
Overview – The 2015 Pesach Chol Hamoed carnival will be for one day only, Tuesday, April 7th from 11:30 AM to 5:30 PM at Pine Park.
Attractions –  Wacky Chad, The Gizmo Guys, Jonathan Geffner – ventriloquist, cotton candy (12,000 cones, 600 pounds of sugar), 36 rider capacity electric spinner ride, pirate ship, train, inflated rock climbing, obstacle course, moon bounce, fun slide, juggler, and rides on military/police vehicles. The schedule for the shows is as follows:
11:30    Gizmo Guys – comedian jugglers.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Zmanim for Lakewood Erev Pesach 5775 sof zman Achilas and biur chametz

Latest time for eating chometz סוף זמן אכילת חמץ
Gra & Baal HaTanya 10:52 AM גר"א ובעל התניא
Latest time for Burning chometz סוף זמן ביעור חמץ
Magen Avraham - 11:45 AM מגן אברהם 

Gra & Baal HaTanya 11:56 AM גר"א ובעל התניא
  Candle lighting 18 minutes before sunset 7:04 PM  

Midnight 12:59 AM חצות הלילה

Bonky's bash after Bedikas chometz untill 12:30 am thusday night

Bonky's water ice and ice cream has a bedikas chometz bash get your water ice or ice cream for $1 Located in the West gate shopping plaza. Open until 12:30 am Thursday night.

Satmar Dayan of Lakewood at Mechiras Chometz

Sereifas Chometz locations

BMG parking lot on Seventh St. – 7:00 AM Start
Lakewood Cheder School Playground 10th & Madison – 7:00 AM Start
Cong. Zichron Yaakov 175 Sunset Ave. – 8:00 AM Start
Congregation Sons of Israel parking lot on Fifth St., which is contained in a cinderblock area - 7: 30 AM
John Patrick Park 1000 Vine St. – 7:00 AM
Frank Bartoff Park – Brook Rd – 7:00 AM
New – Blueclaws Stadium – 7:00 AM
All of the above times are subject to the arrival of the
dumpsters. There is plenty of parking at the sites
please allow for everyone to get in and out safely

Eateries packed with erev Pesach patrons

 Not all families go out to eat but erev Pesach is always an exception. With many kosher eateries catering to the frum tzibbur  there is lot to choose from.  From High end restaurants to fast food and pizza shops different options to suit your budget  here is a List of eateries. 

Skyzone trampoline park aims for mid April opening

Thought of checking out the new skyzone trampoline park on Chol hamoed? well, it may not open until after YT. The target opening date is mid April. The park is located on the corner of New Hampshire and Oak street. (Tznius may be an issue)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Pesach Trash drop off locations in Lakewood starting Thursday April 2nd until Friday Erev Pesach at 1 pm

Garbage trucks will be stationed in these locations all day and night.
Approved Passover Trash Drop off Sites • Starting on Thursday April 2 until Friday April 3 at 1:00 PM 
• John Patrick Park – Vine Street 
 Sunset Playground – Sunset Ave
• Old DPW Bldg – Ninth St
• Forest Ave. – Between Ninth & Tenth St.
• Westgate – Hillside Blvd.
• JJF Public Works Center - 1 America Ave 
• Frank Bartolf Park – Brook Rd
• New – Blueclaws Stadium 

Locations for Koshering Keilim and Hagaala

Locations for Koshering Keilim in Lakewood

56 Carey street in the backyard corner of Carey and Princeton from 12- 6 pm under the hashgacha of Rav Munk

229 5th street haagalas keilim, Sreifas Challa from 9 am -10 pm