Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Erev Pesach- Good Friday no trash pickup

From the Dept Of Public works:
 Notice: In observance of the Good Friday holiday on Friday, April 3, 2015 our offices will be closed. Trash and Recycling for Friday, April 3rd will be picked up on the preceding Thursday, April 2, 2015. No bulk collection this week.

Cleaning for Pesach by Rabbi Gissinger

  How to clean properly for Pesach without making yourself insane
Pesach – Z'man Cherusainu – is quickly approaching. We are all anxiously and impatiently awaiting its arrival. After all – the Seder nights in all their glory. The entire family – father, mother and children – sitting around the lavishly laden table – discussing in depth the very foundation of our emunah – יציאת מצרים. Our anticipation grows stronger with every passing day. Its unbearable – we can no longer wait!!! Or can we?? I must sadly admit that I've heard people say, “Pesach is unbearable”, “It's too hard”, “Not worth the work”.

A possible Para Adumah near Lakewood, NJ

Monday, March 30, 2015

What happened to your LOR?

Dont people have a local Rav to sell their chometz?

Pre Pesach special at Prime Nintey Five


 Prime Ninety Five...The Finest Place In Town!
95 East Kennedy Blvd.
For Reservations Call 732-276-7202

Shop rite update

Still unclear as to the future of the current Lakewood shop different rumors keep circulating of who will take over the store once shop rite makes its move to Howell. For now it seems that the store will be taken over by Price choppers while still under the Saker ownership. A group of frum investors had initially put a deposit to take over the lease. 

Ask OU pre pesach program

Monday, March 30,

Bais Medrash Lev Avos, Corner Oak Knoll and Iris Road, Lakewood, NJ,

12 – 2 p.m.

Rabbi Eli Gersten, Pesach P’sakim from the OU Poskim;

Rabbi Zvi Nussbaum, Answering Consumer Kosher L ‘Pesach Questions.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Bein hazmanim night seder program for Yeshiva Bochurim

Sunday March 29 - Wednesday April 1


1) Ateres Yeshaya
12th Grade & Bais Medrash

2) Zichron Shneur
10th Grade thru Beis Medrash

3) YTT
9:15pm shiur followed by supper and Maariv
9th -11th Grade Bochurim

R' Gabi Sassoon to speak divrei Chizuk in Lakewood

update- Event has been postponed for a later date TBA.
Kol Haolam reports Rabbi Gabi Sassoon  at will speak tomorrow  Monday March 30th in Lakewood following Shiva. The asifas chizuk will take place at Bet Medrash Ohel Shulamit 38 Spruce Divrei Chizuk at 7:45. Open for both men and women.

Shmita Alert: Israeli Carrots sold at Lakewood ShopRite

It has come to our attention that Shop Rite in Lakewood is selling carrots from Israel. The brand name is Dorot please check with your rav if you bought it as it may have kedushas shviis. The company website shows a hechsher certificate  that all terumos and maasros were taken. However it does not take care of the shmita problem.

Car cleaning tips from Lakewood chaveirim

PRE-PESACH: While cleaning vehicles for pesach, leaving doors & lights open, or music on for long with engine off will drain the battery.  Please keep engine on for a few minutes so battery can charge.

A safer way to shlep the bin


What is our news

The tzibbur is treated with many free weeklies and magazines delivered right to the front door. Each paper claiming to cover local news. Why is a weekend event by  Dirshu  in Europe considered "our news". Its nice to report and read up on Jewish news but it would be ehrlich if editors would be upfront as to what is paid communicated content and what is really news that pertains to Lakewood. 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Township to provide $200,000 subsidy for the Lakewood shuttle bus

 Despite getting a million dollar grant, it was obvious the taxpayers would be funding the shuttle bus. 
APP LAKEWOOD Yaakov Rosenberg is one happy guy. The 21-year-old rabbinical student doesn't drive, which makes getting around town a chore. When he can't find a ride, he walks, like legions of other students do here — in every kind of weather. But there he was Thursday, wearing a smile that belied the dreary, drizzly morning, zipping downtown on the "L" — Lakewood's new community shuttle. "When I heard them announce this, I was waiting for this day," Rosenberg said. "I think it's an amazing thing.".......  Reinman said the township will provide an annual subsidy of up to $200,000 to bridge the gap between revenues and operating costs, with the aim of eventually making the service self-sustaining.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

For those eating out the week of Pesach List of current Kosher eateries in Lakewood

Bagel Nosh                         Clifton  Ave                    Dairy                                   
Bonkeys                             Westgate                       Ice cream
California Swirls                Clifton Ave                    Frozen yougurt
Capital Pizza                      Madison 7th                  Dairy
Carlos & Gabby's               Rt 9 north kennedy      Meat
Circa                                   Cedarbridge                  Dairy
Coco cafe-                          East kennedy                Dairy
Delux                                  Shop rite plaza              Meat
Eat a pita-                          Clifton Ave                     Meat
Entree'-                              4th Monmouth               Meat
Estrea                                 Rt 9 South                      Meat
Falafel n chips                   Clifton Ave 5th               Meat
Four corners bagel          Squankum                        dairy
Four corners bagel         James street                      Dairy
Four Corners                    Tenth & Madison              Dairy
French press                     Rt 88- monmouth            Coffee shop
Glatt Bite                         west Kennedy blvd          Meat
Glatt Gourmet                  Rt 9 South                       Meat
Heimish bakery & cafe    2nd street Clifton             Dairy
J 2 pizza  -                        Shop rite plaza                 dairy
Korns bakery & cafe         4th & Monmouth             Dairy
kosher Experience           Shop rite                           Meat
Kosher Taco                      Rt 9 south                         Meat
Kosher 2 go and stay       Rt 9 S Pine River sq         Dairy
Kosher 2 go                       Exxon station Rt 9           Take out
Kosher West take out        Westgate                         Meat
Lets YO                               Target/Lowes                 Dairy
Ottimo cafe                       Grebow                             Dairy
Out for lunch                     Cedarbridge                     Dairy
Pita hut                             Spruce street                    Meat
Pita hut                           Countyline & squankum            Meat
Pizza place                        Westgate                         Dairy
pizzaleh                             Clifton 1st                        Dairy
Pizzano                              W. Kennedy Clifton          Dairy
Pizza plus                          Clifton Ave 4th street      Dairy
R&S                                    Clifton 5th street             Meat
Shelis cafe                        Chateu plaza                     Dairy
Sprinkles                           Rt 9 shoprite                    Ice cream
Sushi express
Uncle Mikes                      W. county line/NPGS        Meat
Vanilla cafe                       Clifton                                 Dairy
village Pizza                      Kosher village plaza          Dairy
Yaptchik                            Rt 9 North/Goodyear         Meat
Yiddis grill                        Tenth & Madison                 Meat
Yismach yisrael                Capital hotel                       Ice cream
Yussi's -                            2nd street Clifton Ave        Meat
Yussi's                              Westgate                             Meat

חלוקת געפילטע פיש

Do you need some gefilta fish for Yom Tov? first come first serve from Rav Shmiel Eizekovich at Khal Vayoel Moshe call 732-703-0780. Kol dichfin yaysay veyaychol.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Cut the fat first before touching courtesy bussing

There is plenty of non mandated extra curriculum programs paid for by the BOE  and Lakewood taxpayers. The budget for the many after school programs is more than all the money they are asking in the referendums? why are those programs never given the ax? why is busing which benefits the tax payers always threatened to be left out. Could it be some well connected askanim benefit from these extra services?  they run agencies that provide services for these extra curriculum non mandated programs and they are protecting it. Only looking out for themselves, on the backs of the Tzibbur at large.

Help a yeshiva while you eat all that chometz

Helping out the klal in DC, lets get those tuition vouchers.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Be mindful of traffic laws on the NJ Turnpike

If your planning to drive on the New Jersey Turnpike, beginning Tuesday you might want to be especially mindful of obeying traffic laws. That’s when New Jersey State Police will begin the first of the three targeted enforcement periods along the toll road.

The following statement was given by the NJSP:

Lakewood gathering for Flatbush

There will be a Atzeres chizuk about the tragic fire in Flatbush tomorrow night Wednesday March 25th at the Arlington shul, 501 Arlington Avenue. Divrei hisoirerus by Rav Yitzchok Sorotzkin starting at 8:35 pm.

Moadim Lesimcha distribution today

The distribution for Moadim Lesimcha will take place today Tuesday March 24th from 3:00 pm- 9:00 pm.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Group trying to take over lease, to keep prices up.

The current lease by shop rite is up. Its still not clear who is taking over the lease. It appears not confirmed that certain parties are interested in taking it over thereby controlling the food prices in town. They dont want a known discount retailer who will have cheaper prices and benefit the tzibbur at large by selling at discounted prices. They are currently seeking investors for the store. There are many who can not afford the current food prices, more competition can bring prices down to affordability as well as fresh products and easy shopping.

Is $30 million not enough?

The BOE asked and pushed for a referendum on $30 million of tax money to fix aging roofs on the school buildings. The Vaad and other usually vocal askanim were silent and thereby let the vote pass by not letting people know about it. Now thats not enough they want more and threaten courtesy busing again for next year. This game has got to stop. Who is responsible for this circus? 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Another weekend snowstorm?

Winter just not going away yet forecast sees a potential snow storm for Shabbos Hagadol. Low probability but stay tuned

Levaya in Brooklyn for Sassoon children A'H

Lets Yo grand opening today

Under new ownership and Cholov Yisroel under the hashgocho of Rav Shlomo Gissinger Lets YO frozen yogurt will open today at the Target/Lowes shopping center 4809 Rt 9 North Howell NJ

Rav Benzion Halberstam Kvias Mezuzah

Friday, March 20, 2015

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Many taking advantage of the free bus ride

 The free white bus is more exciting than the Yellow school bus. Teens and children are enjoying the new shuttle bus looping around town. They are taking advantage of the fact that there is no charge for the first 3 months. Ridership after school hours is at peak levels. so far the tzibbur seems to enjoy the ride.

Judge to hear case on Fire commissioner elections

A judge has set April 30th as the date to decide on the sealed Ballots that were not counted in the initial vote. David Mizrahi won the election and is currently the seated Fire commissioner. Former commissioner Larry Loigman is contesting and hopes the remaining votes will sway in his favor helping him take back his seat. 

Last chance to enter Bikur Cholim pesach raffle

Snow in the forecast

keep the winter coasts and shovels around and not bury them just yet. forecast of 1 to 3 inches on Friday. It shows more in some areas but while it may fall it won't accumulate with the March sun angle. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ordinance prohibiting alcoholic beverages on private property for underage person will not effect Kiddush or simchas

 On the agenda for the Township committee who love to pass laws and make your life miserable was An Ordinance of the Township of Lakewood, County of Ocean, State of New Jersey, Prohibiting Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages by Underage Person on Private Property. However there are exceptions as the ordinance does not apply if a child under the legal age consumes alcohol in the presence of and with the permission of a parent/guardian or in connection with a religious observance. 

Shuttle bus to run ads on them more routes planned

The nice clean white buses will soon be running ads on them  according to the press release of  the Lakewood shuttle "The white buses, with ads on them, will follow all ADA regulations  “Once we get these two routes up and running, we can begin another two routes, perhaps going to Shop Rite. A future route probably will be going to be from Monmouth Avenue through the Kennedy Boulevard area, up to Squankum Road and the Kennedy Boulevard area, down to Shop Rite, to the Georgian Court and BMG area and back to Monmouth Avenue.”
“Jay Ellinson, the owner of Lakewood Community Shuttle Inc., is doing this as a service to the Township; it’s not a money-making business.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Monday, March 16, 2015

Lakewood shop rite said to close this August

 Things may change, but for now it appears the Lakewood shoprite supermarket will close up this summer. Shop rite has been an anchor store in Lakewood for many years. The store catered to the frum community in many ways particularly with the  Kosher Experience. While the Lakewood branch will close Shop Rite is opening a new store in Howell in the Friendship plaza where Path Mark  and K mart used to be. Initial reports indicate there will not be a Kosher experience in the Howell location. There are Rumors that the Kollel store, KRM from Brooklyn or Gourmet glatt will be opening up a kosher supermarket in the shoprite. Either one would bring competition to the grocery shopping which will result in cheaper food prices for consumers.
Update: APP Howell ShopRite to open mid April.

Candidate declines to serve on the BOE

Angela Caldwell has declined to serve on the Lakewood BOE, she confirmed with the APP. Caldwell, was supposed to fill the seat vacated in January by BOE member Yoni Silver, who resigned. 
from the APP  -Isaac Zlatkin, a board member who advocated for appointing Caldwell, said that at the time, he considered her the best candidate. “She is female, she is African American, she is a graduate of Georgian Court University,” Zlatkin said. “We looked at the resume and picked the best one.”

Same old games

 Some things will never change. Old dogs  with the same tricks. The koach hatzibur is once again taken for granted by a few powerful people. Using and abusing the power of the rabbim for personal gain. What makes them representatives of the tzibbur? a shliach zibbur is someone who was appointed by the tzibbur to represent them. The interests of the klal should always be the only one.

Are you going to the expo?

The Parnasah expo which started out in Lakewood was initially billed as a job fair it was meant to help bring jobs to those looking for work. Initially  the Expo was for people in Klal Yisroel who are jobless or in need of a new better paying job. But the Expo is now designed primarily for business to business networking, helping business owners increase their sales and get new clients. It appears the mission has changed from a job fare to a B2B expo. The hype and PR draw lots of ppl but as a job fare dont bet on it. Last year was a regular Business expo attended by the whos who of the frum business world. If your looking for a job try the year round job fares by OU, PCS or your local classifieds, don't wait a year for the expo.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Belzer dayan moves to Lakewood

Rav Pinchos Wind the Dayan of the new Belz Kehilla in Lakewood has officially moved in to his new home.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Whats going on at the BOE

A frum candidate was supposedly overlooked to replace one of the outgoing former members of the BOE. Instead the  seat vacated in January went to someone else despite being the only one of seven candidates to not show up for an interview session for the position. Could the fact that she has a connection to a heavyweight askan mean anything? a askan whose agency gets a lot of funding through the boe?

Friday, March 13, 2015

Rebbes to spend Shabbos chazak parshas Parah in Lakewood

Stores roll out pesach products in advance, shoppers forced to pay more

The local heimish stores started to put out the pesach products, some stores have a special section while others have them spread around. As is expected, Pesach items cost more than the yearly available chometz products. However 3 weeks before pesach some chometz items are already removed forcing shoppers to purchase the more expensive kosher for pesach product. Pesach is a expensive yom tov, b'h, however we dont have to stretch it out back to Purim.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Will local Taxes eventually foot the bill for the bus routes? time will tell

A 25 minute ride from West Gate plaza to BMG that should be enough time to learn a daf a day between the initial and return trip. Good news is Children under 5 ride free 2 children under 5 ride free with one paid adult fare.
 General Public: $1.00

Annual event to benefit Relief

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New Aron Hakodesh installed at the Rachmastrivka Bais Medrash

Change of clock brings late mikva appts again

 The changing of the clock will bring on the late mikva appointments again. Why is the construction not moving along. They are collecting for over 15 years for a new Mikva Tahara. The current one was mortgaged out, where is all the money, who is responsible for this? Why are a few yechidim in total control over such a important asset of the Tzibbur. Women can not get appointments before 12:30 some are traveling to nearby Deal or Manalapan  were they can get earlier appointments. Its a year since askanim promised the new mikva will be ready, who is accountable for this? 

Time for term limits

Why do we continue nominating the same candidates again and again? Isn't it time for new faces, for politicians that will at least try to lower property taxes and stop the out of control spending among other things. The reason for term limits is simple, when politicians know they must return to ordinary society and live under the laws passed while they were in government, at least some of them will think more carefully about the long-term effects of the programs they support. Their end-all will not be re-election, because that option will not be available. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sky Zone trampoline park comes to Lakewood

Just in time for Chol Hamoed Sky Zone Trampoline park is opening in the newly constructed building at the corner of New Hampshire and Oak street. For unzereh it would best work if its rented out to avoid tznius issues. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Lakewood Chaveirim- 84 Flat tires in One day, 273 flat tire calls last week

Chaverim members were out dealing with Flat tires, 84 flats today due to Potholes Please use extra caution while driving! Last week chaveirim reports they received 273 calls for flat tire fixes. That does not take into account those who fixed their own flats or called AAA. Hopefully the mayors aggressive approach will fill the holes and give residents a smooth ride.

Shiva info

Rav Refoel Moshe Gettinger shlita  rosh yeshivas medrash Chaim will be sitting shiva on the petirah of his father Z'L From Tuesday Morning untill Wednesday afternoon at his home 53 Freedom Drive Lakewood, NJ.

What a surprise

There were no DWI arrests over Purim wow what a great news item to post. We were expecting many DWI arrests and lo and behold there were none, hmm how can that be? The Tzibbur in Lakewood doesn't drink and drive?? How can they be so responsible? what a surprise!! 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Videos:Purim at YTT

Resident fills pot holes letoeles harabim

A local resident decided to take matters into his own hands. I could not wait any longer for the township to respond, its painful watching residents bust tires and take on front end damage to their cars costing hundreds of dollars. In addition this is what chazal refer to as a bor birshus harabim which you have a chiyuv to fill. With a few bags of asphalt he filled a few pot holes on his block giving them a temporary fix. Hopefully his little gesture will spur an aggressive approach from the Township to fix the never ending pot holes as the warm up season takes hold.

Why not have the selfish campaign in other languages too?

 Walking around Lakewood this shabbos was very dangerous the sidewalks and shoulders were icy and snow covered. Many pedestrians were forced to walk on the streets. Drivers were speeding right by with no regard to those walking on the side. It was shabbos and unzere are not driving around. Do we hear any complaints about the dangerous driving habits?? Is there a campaign to "ALL" Drivers? for some reason people feel good about themselves by always pointing the finger at one of their own. 

An anonymous tip?

 Who could it be ??? Very hut gemasert?

Jury reaches verdict clears corrections officers in Amit Borenstein case

 Is there any accountability??
APP TRENTON – Monmouth County corrections officers did not violate the civil rights of Amit Bornstein in the two struggles that preceded his 2010 death in Monmouth County Jail, a federal jury found Friday. The family of the 22-year-old Marlboro man sat silently as the jury forewoman read soft, but firm "no's" following questions on whether each of 11 jail officers violated Bornstein's rights by using excessive force. Bornstein's father, Israel, who brought the federal civil lawsuit, said he could not speak after hearing the verdict.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Lakewood themed Mishloach Manos- bugged out!

Filtered Orange Juice and Positive bug free vegetables 

Snow will taper off in Lakewood at 1:00 -2:00 pm- roads are ok

 For those waiting it out the storm is expected to pass a few hours passed noon on Purim day since it is moving south. For the brave ones the streets are drive-able but use caution as the cold temps kick in. Cars are starting out with the Shalach manos deliveries driving slowly. Reports of an overturned vehicle with Entrapment, bh all got out safely. Use extra caution throughout the day as The roads are slippery.  a Frielichen peerim.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

BLS BREAKING!!!!!! Exclusive!!! There may be snow

 A BLS EXCLUSIVE!!! !!!! BREAKING NEWS !!!! WE JUST were informed that it will snow on Purim. We bring you the news first! as it happens. We are the only source for your news. We are the heartbeat and source of the latest hockerei. We keep it clean and family oriented we dont report any shmutz. Count on us for the latest on car crashes, arrests, burglaries,  thefts,assaults, DUI incidents, gun shots, murders, home invasions, hold ups, stabbings, Deaths r"l among other mundane news items. We never report where or when a story happens we protect the victims and keep everything anonymous. We know before it happens. We were first to report that the sun rose up yesterday. Count on us to bring you the latest up to date news if we dont report it it just does not happen or exist. We tailor the news to fit your needs. In order to not lure yeshiva guys to the internet we wont report anything about the buildings on 7th and private way. Our site is open to all even  nisht  fun unzereh feel welcome visiting our site.

Residents not worried about snow Township Plows will finally get it done right.

After complaining about the poor plowing performance of the dpw this time they are confident to clean the snow quickly down to the blacktop. The roads will be spotless like shoeshine habeera. First off the plowers will drive backwards thus adding more thrust and surprising the snow it will move it to the sides much faster that way. As the township runs low on salt they will spread sugar taken from all the Purim sweets given to the employees. Watch how quickly it will melt the snow. Residents will leave their cars and ride their horses making it easier for the trucks to plow. Deputy mayor Miller vowed to ride along in every truck, his tough hands on approach will prove why he should be mayor again. Finally many will be adding snow balls to their shalach manos theme, depleting the accumulating snow before it hits the ground.

Lakewood to get 6-10 inches of snow over Purim night into morning

It is all about timing. How fast does it come through, how far north does the precip get? Any slight shift north or south will be HUGE in terms of snowfall amounts. So I am putting out amounts but this will very likely be changed. For the NYC metro & li I am thinking 3-6 inches. N&W will be 2-4 and even less as you get to I84. As you head south to central & southern NJ the bigger amounts should be 6-10 inches.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Turn off your Dash-cam!

Do we really have to publicize a daily video of someones  silly driving habit. Oh you say you are doing it as a public safety awareness. These "exclusive" "breaking news" dash vids are only adding fuel to the fire of those who like to ridicule the driving habits of the Tzibbur. Find some other way to generate hits and visits than publicize a fictitious ill of the Tzibbur. Stop pooping on us. Go to any other city and video acts of road rage and aggressive drivers. To find minuscule  infractions of the rules of the road and broadcast it for all is painting our Tzibbur in a bad light to the world. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Purim joke? Lakewood may see a foot of snow on Thursday, Purim day!

Could they be right this time? there is a chance of a significant snowfall on Thursday for NYC/Long Island and points south with central and southern NJ in the bulls-eye with up to a foot of snow. Remember this is just what the model shows and not a forecast.The big question with this storm will be how far north does it get or will it be suppressed and blown out to sea.

Video: Lakewood Mayor Issac Ackerman gives interview in Ivrit

Watch the clip below the current Lakewood Mayor talks about the sister city of Bnei Brak, snow removal and local politics as he is interviewed on Israeli media. The interview is in Hebrew. Watch below.

Snow expected on Sunday shopping day before Purim

 Get your Purim shopping done early.  The Sunday before Purim is from the busiest shopping days.  The NWS has issued a Winter Storm Warning for central/southern NJ,  for a significant ICE storm. They are projecting 1-3 inches of snow before it changes to ice there. Let's hope they are wrong and the snow holds on longer or it goes to plain rain. If they are right significant icing will lead to power outages and dangerous roads.

Both Satmar factions expanding in Lakewood

Embedded image permalink
Artist rendering of new Satmar BM
The front page of  Der Yid newspaper identified with the zalonim, announced a new Satmar Yishuv in Lakewood with hundreds of new homes. The Aronim are building a massive new Bais Medrash and took Rav Avrom Yitzchok Frand as the Dayan and Rav.