Friday, February 27, 2015

Parents still waiting for answers from schools

Despite the promises of fixing the system and sending responses quickly, its sadly back to the same old games. The newly set deadline of Rosh Chodesh adar has passed and many kids do not have a school for next year. Its almost Pesach and parents have no cheirus but only worry and daageh as they desperately reach out to roshei mosdos hoping to have their child enrolled. Lets hope by Purim time they will have what to smile about. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Call Echo

"Call Echo" these two words are what comes to mind first when a family is confronted with a medical crisis. When faced with the unknown many rely on their expertise and knowledge to refer and guide you to the best treatment and Doctors available to help you through your ordeal. Join tonight at the Lakewood reception at the home of Mayor Issac Akerman. 46 Lapsely lane. Program begins 8:30

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cops raid Lakewood store for Purim Shtick major bust off Clifton Ave

Iran can have nukes but a store selling purim shtick on Clifton ave was raided by Police. No more pulling strings or party snappers for Lakewood kinderlach. This is what we call a major bust on Clifton Avenue.

More of the same...

To whom this may concern, 

There was a Public meeting held by the Commissioners of the Ocean County Board of Elections on Monday February 23rd 2015 at 2pm at their offices. During the meeting a discussion came up regarding 135 absentee ballots that were submitted via walk-in at 2 separate times on February 20 by Rabbi Yaakov Wenger . 

The question arose if these ballots can be counted as the bearer section was not filled out on most or all of them. When Rabbi Wenger entered the board office He proceeded to fill out the bearer section in the presence an employee of Ocean County Board of Elections. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fire elections update: Cohen Mizrahi Ortiz win commissioner elections

 final !

Objective reporting

The Lakewood news section of the Yated newspaper has an article on the elections for fire commissioner. The report has quotes from commissioner Larry Loigman who is running for a second term. Nowhere in the article does the report mention the name of the other candidates running. A paper can slant the news as it likes, but failing to mention the names of Meyer Cohen, David Mizrahi two frum yidden who are also running is insulting and degrading to the readership and the Tzibbur.

Modzitz Rebbe in Lakewood

Friday, February 20, 2015

משנכנס אדר מרבין בשמחה ???

Rosh chodesh Adar was set as a deadline by many schools to send out acceptance letters. Unfortunately the deadline has come and surprise surprise, many children are still not in school. Parents check their mail box daily for notices, yet nothing has happened. They call the schools and are getting the same run around. Its back to the same old same old. Gevirim and askanim promised to end the madness, lets hope many will have what to be besimcha about in the month of Adar.

Camps open registration for 2015, yet many are still not in school for next year

 With sub zero temps outside the local summer camps are in full registration mode for the summer of 2015. The local papers came out with their camp sections forcing all camps to open registration. Another pressure parents must face rushing to sign up their children before registration is full. The system of competing and chapping before yenem continues to plague us. What is more sad though is that many children are still not accepted into a school for the upcoming year. How do these parents feel waiting daily for answers or hoping to get in somewhere while their neighbor is already enrolled in day camp. Yes camps need time to plan but it should not be before the school registration is complete with every child having a school to go to.

Video David Mizrahi for fire commissioner

Video Larry Loigman for fire commissioner

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Shame on who??

Why are IP addresses Banned from visiting the website. How do you have the chutzpah to not respond to my complaint? were you appointed by the Tzibbur as the official voice and website of the town. Who are you to demand answers? Why wont you ever report on an event associated with the heart of our town, BMG. How many others had their IP address blocked because they criticized what you wrote. Millions of online hits dont give you any more of a reason to be reckoned with.

What about property taxes??

Over one thousand residents came last night to attend the Home expo sponsored by TVOL. Some had issues of taaruvos  at the event due to the setup and planning. Many young couples came by hoping to find information and services for the new home they plan on building or moving into. Homeowners came by looking for services  and merchandise catering to their needs. Missing from all was the issue of TAXES! Will there ever be a solution to the skyrocketing property tax in Lakewood? can a young couple afford to buy a house in Lakewood? how can the committeemen who have been in office for the last 10 years do absolutely NOTHING about it?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kidney recipient meets his life-saving ‘angel

Meir Atkin, right, a Lakewood resident meets the man he donated a kidney to for the first time. During the meeting Efraim Khaimov, originally from Uzbekistan, presented him with a traditional ornate coat worn on momentous occasions. photo by Debra Rubin -njjewishnews
Meir Atkin has only one regret about donating a kidney to a stranger — that he doesn’t have an extra one to give to someone else. “I wish people knew how easy it is,” said the 31-year-old father of three. “I tell my wife all the time I wish Hashem had given me three kidneys so I could do it again.” Atkin, a Lakewood resident, grew up in Highland Park and Edison and is a doctoral student in psychology at Rutgers University.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Lakewood Yarchei Kallah begins

                        Novominsk Rebbe at the BMG Yarchei kallah

Nuu, abissel kovod for the current mayor

 A previous issue of The Lakewood shopper in Mayor Akermans first term

 Instead of switching back to a graphic with a photo of  Mayor Akerman from deputy  mayor Miller, the shopper chose not to do so. In place of a photo  The shopper posted a graphic with Lakewood landmarks instead. No where does it mention that the current mayor is Albert Akerman. In a feature of "ask the podium" the shopper refers questions to deputy  mayor Miller and not to the current mayor.

Do The papers represent all

TVOL issued an apology for an article about Lakewood residents who joined the IDF. The editor apologized for it and replied in no way does the paper condone the act. Naturally the haters picked up on this and then go publicizing it, putting Lakewood in a bad light. Anything associated with Lakewood is assumed as representing the shtut. Do these papers have a rabbinic board that approve of the content published in it? does anyone take achrayus? To the velt anything from Lakewood even the opinion of a yochid is presumed to represent the opinions of all.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

A few yechidim are looking out for the tzibbur.

There were Hitler themed and other dangerous tweets posted on social media about the Lakewood orthodox community which the Ocean County Prosecutors Office deemed not threatening. There was no statement from the Vaad or any other elected authority condemning the tweets or defending and standing up for the Frum Tzibbur. A few yechidim spoke up and stick their neck out on behalf of the tzibbur. Last week The  Shopper wrote an article sort of blaming these tweets, as a result of the tweeting actions of Echad Mibnei Hachabura. The shopper should know better than that. We need more of these yechidim to stand up and defend and fight for the Rabbim. Its a shame that others in powerful positions who dont shy away from the media when need be, are silent! 

Tweets on killing, bombing Jews in Lakewood deemed no threat

 APP -JACKSON – A State Police sergeant's teenage daughter who dressed like Hitler and posted on social media a picture of a popular gathering spot for Orthodox Jews — with the caption "perfect bombing time" — may have behaved offensively, but not criminally, authorities said. In one tweet, a person wrote, "I really wanna drive around Lakewood and run over every Jew with my car." The Ocean County Prosecutor's Office examined the Twitter post and a cache of other pro-Hitler images by the Jackson teen and her associates and concluded that they did not amount to any credible threat.  "There was never any danger being posed to the community," said Al Della Fave, a spokesman for the office. "It didn't rise to anything criminal." read more

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The other selfish campaign

Stop telling us who to vote for while protecting your own selfish personal interests.
Stop being "selfish" and greedy with passing approvals that hurt the tzibbur
Stop being "selfish" with fooling the tzibbur that your working on their behalf
Stop being "selfish" while others have to pay property taxes through their nose.
Stop being "selfish" abusing the koach hatzibbur for your own interests.
Just stop being selfish- 
We need advocates (not askanim) for the tzibbur who will fight for the tzibbur not use the tzibbur for self promotion and financial gain.

Residents receive 2014 tax statements huge hike in property tax

Not a word from the Vaad not a word from the politicians no body cares and residents could simply not afford it anymore. Before elections they all promise the world they are here for the tzibbur and worried about the high property taxes. Well its only going up and at a point of pricing people out of their homes. Where is all the money going?????? how many of those in power have agencies and other services that benefit from the township?? how do they have the chutzpah to tell us who to vote for and to be spokesmen or representatives of the community while they have a hand in the cookie jar.

100 unit building to replace capitol hotel

 A new 5 story building with 100 apartment units will replace Lakewood's landmark the capitol hotel he developer, David Gluck, said he will create 124 parking spaces on the ground floor although the parking spots will be smaller cars not minivans. According to the APP The Lakewood Township Zoning Board granted Gluck a waiver from providing the 197 parking spaces the development would require under municipal codes, said Brian Flannery, the project's engineer. Penzer specified that the building will be operated as a for-profit enterprise, not as a nonprofit. Many of its occupants are expected to be students at the nearby Bais Horaah, located in Gluck's Lakewood Conference Center. After a zoning board member questioned whether the apartments' 31 foot long by 12 foot wide living rooms lend themselves to occupants crafting extra rooms, Penzer assured the board that Gluck will verify that it does not happen. "These are going to be students, people," Flannery said. "You have to give them room to study."

Monday, February 2, 2015

All Lakewood schools with 90 minute delays Tuesday Feb 3, 2014

 The lakewood BOE has announced All Schools - 90 minute delayed opening for Tuesday, February 3, 2015. Call your school snow number.

Lakewood property taxes up 4.3% since last year

 In Lakewood,2014 taxes went up 4.3% a average home in Lakewood is now paying $5,873 a year in property taxes. Is anyone doing something about it? where is all the money going?? $80,528,810.00 million to the school budget $53 million for local municipal Township purposes. The township brought in $162,333,735.48 from property taxes.

What a surprise! NJ taxes highest in the nation shore area has sharpest increase

New Jersey's average residential property tax bill, already the highest in the nation, jumped by 2.2 percent, to $8,161, according to annual property tax data compiled and released by the state Department of Community Affairs. The average tab had grown 1.3 percent in 2013, 1.6 percent in 2012 and 2.4 percent in 2011. Some of the sharpest tax increases occurred in Shore towns devastated from superstorm Sandy.

Stop the selfish negative campaign

The well meaning campaign to bring safe driving awareness has turned into a campaign spreading negativity with putting people down. The holier than though attitude the condescending tone, coupled with broad brushing all drivers as bad, is only undermining and downright insulting. In addition to that, while most drivers are safe and responsible, the  current infrastructure is what causes and contributes to the dangerous driving conditions Lakewood drivers face. In Brooklyn there are traffic lights on every corner, drivers are not forced to make the dreaded Jersey left turn. In the city there is a mass transit system keeping many cars off the roads. To fault people for making a left turn into oncoming traffic after not being able to go for  minutes is not their fault or a selfish act. It is poor planned roads. Its not selfish if someone backs out of a neighbors driveway either. Stop besmirching and single out an entire tzibbur  based on the statistics of the general population and other skewed numbers.