Thursday, December 31, 2015

Lakewood shopper Tehillim Asifa this Motzei Shabbos

Millions for PRE K should be on the referendum ballot

9 Pre K class rooms (non mandated) at Piner elementary the lease on the building which includes kindergarten and First grade is over a half a million dollars a year plus an additional 2.7 million for Sodexo

NJ state police pulling cars over

The NJ are out with traffic enforcement pulling over cars on Rte 9 by Pine street. Police increase patrols toward the end of The month/ year and during the holidays m

Lakewood Links

Cant afford to be Lakewood Lakewood is Torah Lishma

NU, when are they opening? in a few weeks

Its Miller time again!

Masa Umatan rental list

The Rental List is a very popular feature in Masa U'Matan
Click HERE for the current list

iscream kids:Indoor kosher family fun

INFO@ISCREAMKIDS.COM • 732.838.0848    AS-iScream-Menu-v2

Video: Shweky, Daskal At a lkwd wedding last night

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Lakewood - Williamsburg Shuttle service

Oif Simchas

                                                 Mayer Chasunah Lake Terrace hall

Dor Yesharim testing Tomorrow 12-8 pm

This Thursday, December 31st, Dor Yeshorim will be conducting genetic screening event for young men at the Yeshiva Ketana Hall in Lakewood, New Jersey from 6:00 – 8:00 pm.

Musical chairs, Who is Really the mayor?


Extortion is more like it.

The district referendum on courtesy bussing is  what others would call extortion! Its time to call the bluff of the courtesy busing threat. If there was a deficit as they claim how did the monitor approve a raise for the teachers if there was no money? The raise was given AFTER the budget was approved. Why are no other non mandated programs on the ballot? why only courtesy busing which they are blaming on the orthodox schools? (Its ironic that many public school students also are getting courtesy busing but its labeled as a Orthodox Jewish privilege) how about putting ALL non mandated programs on the referendum and let the tax payers decide. Let  us see the entire Lakewood School district budget line by line let us see where all the money is going?

Why no referendum on this?

Pre K is non mandated never the less it is not open or avaailable to all residents and tax payers unlike courtesy busing which is a service benefiting both public and non public school children.
Preschool Education Aid:  from the BOE budget 
PEA Instruction $942,210
Support Services   $1,143,435
Total Preschool Education Aid   $2,085,645

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Trash pick up today

Due to the holiday the Thursday garbage pickup will take place on Wednesday today. Township offices will be closed in observance of the New Year's Day Holiday on Friday, January 1, 2016. Trash and Recycling will be normal pick up for Monday and Tuesday. Thursday's trash and recycle will be picked up on the preceding Wednesday, Dec.30th Friday's trash and recycling will be picked up on Thursday, Dec. 31st. No bulk collection this week.

Help support the Bais Havaad

                                                       To donate click HERE

Photo recap BMG Yarchei Kallah

Click HERE  HERE and HERE for Photo recap

Fire knocked down


BOE referendum a month away questions remain

The threatened 6.5 million referendum is scheduled to take place January 26th. The district removed the PowerPoint presentation from the front page of its website. First, they included special ed busing which is mandatory together with non mandated courtesy busing. That inclusion upped the numbers falsely.  Second how can they not have an exact number to put on the referendum?  A budget should be down to an exact number. Third, the number given of a 9.5 shortfall in the budget does not make any sense nor will a referendum fix it. One example, how did the state monitor issue raises when there clearly was no money for it. The raise came after the budget was passed! Is that why there is a shortfall? Well don't blame that on courtesy bussing the easy scapegoat that's on the monitor.

painting a nice picture

Car window smashing spree has been going on since shabbos Chanukah. Why was nothing done or reported about it. Crime is up but we are constantly told that it's all rosy. Law abiding residents are ticketed for minor infractions with no warnings yet the crime spree and burglaries continue.

Home prices soar rentals come down

While home prices keep going up or are driven up, the rentals mainly basement apartments have stabilized and come down in price. They are still not were they should be but landlords are asking less than 6 months ago. Open a Massa Umatan there are over 200 available units for rent. A few factors contribute to the prices coming down just a bit mainly when there is construction and new developments go up lots of units become available at once making it competitive. People moving out of basements into homes,  or some relocating to section 8 approved housing nearby.

NJ seeks to overhaul car emissions testing older cars no longer tested

Good news if you have a "old" yeshivisher car
 Commercial cars & re inspections go to private facilities, older cars from 1995 and earlier will no longer have their emissions tested because the state will eliminate the tailpipe emissions tests. State officials want to steer more vehicles to private facilities for emissions inspections starting in mid-2016, under a plan that would also end emissions tests for a quarter-million older cars. The state Motor Vehicle Commission last week read more HERE

Getting ready to roll

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Oif Simches

                                                           At Neeimas hachaim

Lakewood schools help solve the shidduch crisis

Lakewood schools are planing to help solve the shidduch crisis at a real young age. Statisticians point out to the age differential of when boys and girls start the parsha of shidduchim as the main culprit. The  solution to this is to  narrow the age gap thus leveling the numbers between  boys to girls by having them marry closer in age of each other. A long term solution to change the status quo is to have girls start kindergarten at a year older than when the boys start which is exactly what schools in Lakewood are planing for this coming year. At the recent Torah Umesorah presidents conference it was mentioned that Orchos Chaim boys school will have boys entering at a younger age by extending the cut off date for Primary and Bais Rivkah Rochel and other girls schools moved the cutoff date back to November which translates to girls starting primary later than the boys. There maybe or may not be other contributing factors for the crisis, time will tell how this plays itself out.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Shiva info

Hatinok Don Z''L Ben R' Chaim Gestetner   102 7th St (Basement) corner Park

Shacharis: 7:30
Mincha: 1:30
Maariv: 8:45

Yarchei Kallah gets underway

How can you deprive children from a parent?

Following his viral video, Ami magazine interviewed Badchan Yoeli Lebovitz about his challenging childhood where he was alienated from his father. Unfortunately, therapists and askanim get involved and advocate separating children from their parents. There are supposedly local cases where agencies and social workers actively have a hand in alienating children. In the interview he explains the gehenom he went through because he was deprived the natural relationship a child and a parent. No matter the reason you dont separate a child.

In the news

A call for problem solving 

Police investigate suspicious death

Scanner news: Pedestrian struck

Melava Malka Parshas Vayechi

1. KZY Rabbi Gissingers shul annual melava malka 8:30- 11:30 at 175 Sunset.
2. Skver Toldos Yaakov Yosef of Lakewood- Melava malka at Lake Terrace hall 8:30
3. Khal Shedlitz Melava Malka- The villas Simcha hall 901 East Kennedy 8:30
4. Sochotshov Rebbe at 617 West kennedy 8:30
5. BMG Yarchei Kallah Melava malka Hyatt Regency Princeton  102 Carnegie center, Princeton NJ

Friday, December 25, 2015

To have or not to

To have school open or not was a tough question many roshei mosdos of girls schools faced this week since the schools opted not to have busing on Friday. Car pooling in a short Friday with one dismissal time is not logistically easy in some schools. In the end some schools were off most of the girls schools were open some sent messages understanding if parents can not send their daughters.One particular school asked a noted Rosh Yeshiva his reply you must be open absolutely no matter the consequences we can not send a message of giving off on Yom Aidum.There is a Teshuva from Rav Moshe Feinstein about not making simchas on that day.

שבת טהרנו at Belz Lakewood

Refrigerator section at seasons

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Pervasive Fear of Affordable Housing in New Jersey

  The comments started online shortly after this middle-class Republican stronghold in central New Jersey filed a plan to rezone a wooded area to enable the construction of 72 affordable housing units. There were the usual range of complaints: that the affordable housing would create more traffic, put additional stress on its aging infrastructure, and bring an undesirable element to town. But, in this case, that undesirable element wasn’t the usual target of affordable-housing opponents: read more HERE

Authorities investigating homicide

According to posts on social media Lakewood police are investigating the apparent homicide of a man by the name of, Miguel Rivera who lived in Lakewood. He was employed at a nearby mobile mechanic. RIP

Howell cops issue holiday cards instead of tickets- Lakewood should do the same

If (when) you get pulled over in Howell this holiday season for a minor infraction you wont get a ticket, 
 NJNews12- The Howell Township Police Department is trying to improve the public’s perception of police, while also spreading around some holiday cheer.
Some drivers who commit minor traffic infractions won’t be receiving tickets, but instead will be given holiday cards. The police department ordered 750 cards that say “Peace and Joy,” and will be giving them out at the officer’s discretion.

Lakewood youngeleit moving to new large development in Monroe, NY

 REPOST!                                            *Communicated*
Rising home sales, sky rocketing property taxes, sitting in traffic on rt 9, mass immigration of New Yorkers, not getting your kids into school, cold climate, these are some of the factors that have young couples looking for a more affordable and suburban lifestyle. Heimisha real estate agents held seminars in Lakewood showcasing the new lucrative development in Monroe. First phase will consist of 100 units. 70 families already signed up. Many community agencies from Monroe and NYS were on hand to offer help with the transition. Representatives from HUD discussed the legalities of transferring section 8 vouchers over state lines. Due to Obamacare restrictions children will have to remain with their current NJ, pediatrician. Askanim arranged for Monroe bus service to run a weekly shuttle to Lakewood.

Stores closing early

The non Jewish stores Will be closing early today on the 24th and closed all day tomorrow.  Aldi is closing at, Stop and Shop at 6 pm and Shop Rite is closing at 7. In addition the workers at some frum stores will leave early and the checkout lines will take longer.

Sign up

New Satmar community will be ready this coming fall

Artist rendering of Rockwell 
Mr. Gross has also been heavily involved in efforts to establish a branch of Satmar in Lakewood. Hamodia  reports “Lakewood is already used to building these types of developments, so getting approval is not a problem,” he said, adding that he hoped some units would be ready by this coming fall. 

The set of 74 townhouses near Cross Street, known as Rockwell, are built with finished basements that will provide rental income for residents to help cover mortgage payments. Askanim plan to develop a system to pair homeowners with young couples to occupy the rental apartments, also a way of feeding further growth. The location also offers the possibility of further expansion.

While Lakewood is further from the main Satmar population centers of Williamsburg and Kiryas Joel, the launch should be aided by the well-established community already in existence, offering doctors, shopping, schools, transportation, and the like. As the community grows, askanim plan to build mosdos to accommodate the kehillah.

KZY Melava Malka

Rav Shlomo Gissinger, Mara D'Asra

Motzaei Shabbos Parshas Vayechi
December 26, 2015

Guest Speaker:
Rabbi Moshe Tuvia Lieff Shlita
Mara D'Asra Agudas Yisroel Bais Binyomin

Zemiros By:
Yehuda Aderet
Music by Eli Leiman

8:30 pm - 11:30 pm

at Khal Zichron Yaakov's
Ateres Avraham Simcha Hall

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Power outage Lkwd/New Egypt- Farady area

Customers Affected: >1500
Cause: Pending Investigation
Crew Status: Awaiting Dispatch
Estimated Restoration: Dec 24, 1:30 AM

Vivaser besuros Tovos

         At a wedding in Lakewood a few nights ago

ברוך דיין האמת

Levaya for Ha' Tinok Don A"H Ben R' Chaim Gestetner will be this evening 10:30 pm at the Lakewood cemetery on  East 7th street and Ramsey Avenue.

Pre Shovavim Drasha

HaRav  Avrohom Shorr will give divre hisoirerus in honor of the upcoming weeks of Shovavim. This evening 10:30 pm at B'M Bais Elimelech  105 East Harvard Street.

Avoid the long lines shop early for shabbos

Many employees in local stores will take off due to the upcoming holiday.  As a result the baggers will not be there to help speed the checkout process which means long er checkout lines starting Thursday afternoon as customers bag themselves. Shop early for a quicker trip to the store.

No arrests made in MLK home invasion reports no arrests have been made in a home invasion last night police said the victims were targeted read more here.

SNAP Benefits are Crucial for Families but Sometimes Inadequate

White-house Report SNAP (food stamps) should be strengthened
While SNAP allows families to put more food on the table, current benefit levels may be inadequate for many households. New research shows that toward the end of the month, benefits often run out, leaving many families without adequate access to nutritious food. In fact, families that receive SNAP see their caloric intake decline between 10 and 25 percent over the course of a month as their benefits are exhausted. That’s right. Families in America - even those receiving SNAP – still often run out of food at the end of the month. And when they do, the consequences are severe. New research has linked this decreased ability to put food on the table at the end of each month to high-cost consequences, including: 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015





Garbage pick up on Wednesday

Thursday's trash and recycle will be picked up on the preceding Wednesday, Dec.23rd. Friday's trash and recycling will be picked up on Thursday, Dec. 24th.No bulk collection this week.The Department of Public Works is open on Sundays 9am - 3pm for Bulk Trash Drop-Off.  Township offices will be closed  on Friday, December 25th. 

Video: Minyan Shelanu how it all began

R' Mota Frank Breslov Mashpia visits minyan shelanu

Shiva info

Shiva for Mrs. Lieba Fischer, ע"ה at the Liebb home, 106 East 8th Street, Lakewood, New Jersey 08701, through Thursday night.
 שחרית   7:30
  מנחה  1:40
 מעריב    7:30 
 from Misaskim

Oisfast Bais Hatalmud parlor meeting

Lower gas prices

Girls schools may be closed Friday

With no busing on Friday due to the holiday some girl schools are weighing the option of not opening.  Having parents schlepp back and forth with a short day schedule may just be too much. One option is to have school finish later since they are not beholden to the bus schedule.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Atzeres Tefilla lezchus HaMashgiach Rav Matisyahu Chaim Ben Etel

The Roshei Yeshiva called for a yom Tefilah today Assara B'Teves as a zechus and refuah shlaima for the  Lakewood mashgiach Horav Mattisyahu Solomon shlita. All botei medrashim shuls and yeshivos in Lakewood will be reciting Tehillim at their designated times. 
BMG - In the Botei Medrash of  Bais Medrash Govoha Tehillim will be said  before mincha following divrei hisoirerus from 1:30 -1:50 and again before Maariv.
Lev Avos B'M-  The Atzeres Tefilla  will take place between Mincha and Mariv.
Ohr Tovia- Tehillim  4:55
Ohr Yechezkel- Tehilim 5:05
Hearthstone- Tehillim 3:30
Chateau Sefard- Tehillim between 4:10 Mincha and Maariv at 5:07
Ner Dovid- Tehillim after 1:45 mincha
Ohr Gedalya Between 4:15 Mincha and Maariv
Kol Yehuda Tehillim 5:00
Westgate Kelmwoods after 4:00 Mincha
Sterling Forest sfard Tehillim 4:30
Prospect park Atzeres at 5:00 pm

Shmuli's Grill & Smokehouse

At the former Yiddies location 10th and Madison

School will be half day tomorrow

Tomorrow is Asarah Bteves schools will be on a half day or Friday schedule plan accordingly.  The holiday schedule for the end of the week is not finalized yet as there may not be any busing available on Friday. Some girls schools may not have school as car pooling is challenging due to the short day.

At Gourmet Glatt

Letter in shuls about shalom bayis

Sunday, December 20, 2015

No state oversight.. in East Ramapo

It was a threat and BH  Hamodia reports state officials said they will not appoint a monitor at the east  Ramapo School board. While Lakewood is under a state monitor perhaps the askanim can now help  here. Read HERE

Ois Simchas -vivaser

Lakewood school district power point non mandated busing referendum

Click HERE to view the power point presentation. here is what they are scaring you with....What Happens If You Vote No? 9,866 Public and Nonpublic School Students will walk to school beginning January 30, 2016. Let them find the money in other areas of wasteful spending. Its time to say NO!!! enough with the total mismanagement and games played here. the public should see the full BOE budget line by line including all non mandated programs and have an informed desicion on whats going on here.

Township Menorah goes back up

So much for it being a religious symbol the Township Chanukah menorah has been put back up in town square by the Lakewood township. Perhaps its for next year :) Read Minutes of the meeting Decmber 3rd HERE where the whole issue was discussed at the township committee meeting and yes you can see the Township was actually threatened with having the ACLU involved.

Message from Tomchei Tzedaka


Petira of Mrs. Leiba Fisher a"h mother of Mrs. Leeb, Mrs.Rotkin Levaya was 9am at Chapel 7th street Kevura will be in Worcter, Mass.

Warmer weather ahead

Dont let this cold snap fool you the forecast for Thursday is in the low 70's
  • Dec 20

    Mostly sunny42°Lo 27°
  • Mon

    Dec 21

    Periods of sun; not as cool55°Lo 50°

  • Tue

    Dec 22

    Mostly cloudy, a shower; mild60°Lo 48°

  • Wed

    Dec 23

    Mild with occasional rain60°Lo 58°

  • Thu

    Dec 24

    Warmer with a touch of rain71°Lo 54°

Saturday, December 19, 2015

A tale of two cities

Lakewood and East Ramapo both two cities where the vast majority of residents are  frum Orthodox Jews  who primarily send their children to private yeshivas. Lakewood has a state monitor appointed by the state with veto power over a democratically elected school board. Monsey is now under the same threat. Look at the approach taken in East Ramapo, the Agudah and other activists held press conferences and wrote letters decrying the unconstitutionality of overriding a school board. Aron Weider a activist and community askan has resigned a respected government position so he could put all his energy to fight on behalf of the children and avoid any conflict of interests. Time will tell how it plays itself out but boy are they are putting up a fight. Contrast to Lakewood where the monitor is in full control and despite assurances from the vaad, Igud and other askanim the district keeps upping the anty and another busing cut threat and tax hike looms. While they claim to cut spending  they are targeting the Orthodox community. Vaad members, Askanim with conflicts of interest should not be representing the tzibbur if they cant advocate on our behalf. Its time to band together and learn from those selfless individuals how to approach this. If legal action can be taken let it be done. Pulling out the chilul hashem card, is a cop out unless theres a machlokes on how to approach this.

Melava Malka -vayigash

1. Annual Rebbeim and menahalim meleva networking melava malka at Bais Faiga hall 8:30 pm  Drashos by Harav Uren Reich shlita and Rav Moshe Unger shlita.
2. Admor m'Apola- Amshinov melava malka 6 Bartenura 8:30 pm.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Indoor Kosher family fun coming to Lakewood

Toms River Chabad does need to apply for use varience

After several hours of testimony and public questions, the Toms River zoning board ruled the Chabad does need to apply for a use variance. The board will next schedule a hearing for the use variance. Read coverage of the zoning board meeting HERE

Not so fast

Posted on the Rt 70 Flea market FB page. Why the harsh language. 
We are aware that the Asbury Park Press and the Lakewood Scoop are "reporting" about last nights planning board meeting. Unfortunately they are leaving out all of the details. 
As it was discussed at the meeting, this developer has no legal contract on the property. The developer was not present for the meeting.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

15 hours left help reach the goals on Charidy crowdfunding

   For Bais HaTorah boys school Donate HERE 
   or call 732-800-1647
    For Bnos Penina Girls school donate HERE

At Seasons of Lakewood

 Registers delivered! Wall decor being installed! Watch for our grand opening announcement!!!!