Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Why are the committeemen silent about the taxes

Taxes have doubled since the committeemen have been in office.  It is the biggest story in Lakewood right now. What have they done about it if not cause it to go up and up. Youve been there for too long to blame others. Its time to vote them out for the incompetence and neglect of keeping taxes down. We  can no longer afford to live like this. Taking photo ops and attending press conferences is not enough to hold your job. We need results not action.

Monday, September 29, 2014

The numbers dont add up- do you trust the district documents ?

If you vote NO on tomorrows vote your taxes will go up $300 a year for the next 5 years , voting yes, they argue would be a saving of  $733.71. The tax base last year brought in 150 million dollars. Paying off this 5 million bond would not cost that much to the taxpayers. It would cost an extra $300 over 5 years. The bond they want to refinance is one thirtieth of the revenue. That will not cost taxpayers the projected numbers provided by the district. We just can not afford to spend money or trust the district. This job can be done for 10 million.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

A guest house and sefer Torah to be dedicated in memory of Aaron Sofer Z'L

At the shloshim atzeres for HaBachur Aaron Sofer z'l it was announced the family would like to dedicate a sefer Torah and a guest house, liluy Nishmaso. Lakewood is known for its hospitality and hachnosas Orchim. A guest house can add much, to the many who come by to visit for simchas or other reasons.

Sneaking an election

There are primary elections this coming Tuesday September 30th. In addition, there is also a referendum that can, and will effect your taxes. Following a whopping tax hike, the vaad and others have so far kept mum hoping the seniors will deliver the vote. They campaigned a lot by the senior communities convincing and scaring them to vote for the referendum. The Tzibbur is occupied with yomim tovim and are not aware or educated on the issues. The Lakewood mainstream media carries the water for those in power and decided to ignore and not report about it at all. We must go out and vote with our seichel, not what askanim tell us to do without explaining their positions.

Atzeres hisoirerus today Tzom gedalya to commemorate Shloshim of habachur Aaron Sofer Z'L

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Didn't get a free Rimon? you can buy one locally for 99 cents

Pomegranates are on sale at Howell ALDI for 99 cents.

A 13% tax hike and now they ask for more?

Talk about a one two punch, taxpayers just got hit with huge tax increases now they are asking for another tax hike, to maintain the dilapidated schools. Where is all the tax money going? can we see the contract and the bidding that went on for these improvement projects? They cant account for IPODS now they say trust us? why are the politicians silent about all this? 

Can we trust the district? here comes another tax hike

  Here is the threat, if the referendum next Tuesday is rejected, they claim it would cost an additional $733.71 in taxes over 3 years. Lets see what the Vaad says.
first of all why are the lumping the previous bond together with the school building improvements. lets have a separate referendum on the bond.
APP School district officials want the public to give them the authority to borrow nearly $34.7 million to repair the problems in dilapidated public school buildings with leaky roofs and faulty heating systems that are often inadequate during the winter  and to refinance a previous bond.

But the request for more money, to be put to township voters in a Sept. 30 referendum, comes after a series of audits released this year have found ample examples of financial mismanagement in the district. The proposal's annual cost would be $55.49 for a property assessed at $300,000, according to district documents. So should voters approve the proposal, the owners of a $300,000 property would see their property tax bill rise by $166.47 over the next three years, a $733.71 saving from what they are due to pay should the public question be rejected, according to district documents.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Deal with seniors raised the average homeowner property tax by $200

 Property taxes rocketed to 13% for the current tax year. In order to  to get the senior vote, a committeeman cut a deal with the seniors and lowered their taxes by giving them a lower assessment for their development. This, obviously resulted in a direct increase to other Lakewood homeowners who were left to pick up the tab. The average homeowner is now paying close to $200 more because of it. There is no fair even tax rate in Lakewood. Lowering the tax rate for one group will only raise it for another. Its time to hold these  politicians accountable and vote them out. How can we be asked to vote for them again and again when all they do is raise taxes. Notice how they are all hiding now, as the taxpayers who elected them can not afford to live like this. Send them all packing.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

L'etoeles harabim Local Gas prices dip below $3 a gallon

Gas prices are falling as the fall driving weather begins. The Costco gas station in Brick township has gas at $2.97 a gallon for regular.

There are no community schools in Lakewood

Lakewood used to have a community school, that is no longer the case today. There is no school that will take anyone in even if they have room. The schools are all private and have to answer to no one. Alumni of Lakewood's own former community schools can no longer get their kids in. That is the root of the problem as no one feel any achrayus to the children in town. They pass the blame onto someone else. The acceptance process is done in a way that the schools can control who they take in. Gullible parents are strung along for 6-8 months thinking they will get in to a school of their choice, only to be told they are not in a week after school starts. Not all schools are like this, obviously there is a lack of space which created the mess. But the games that are played as to who gets in, that's where it stinks. When it comes to fundraising however they sing a different tune. They brag how they are there for the community, how they took in many nebach cases etc.. etc.. Its time for this madness to stop, its time for a new committee that will work on preventing the strong arm tactics and games, a committee that will look out for each and every child.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

צרכי עמך מרובים Many unemployed mishpachos before yomim tovim

With three 3 day yomtovs approaching there are many who are struggling to make ends meet. In addition there are many who were laid off from the special ed agencies or were cut from a 30 hour work week to a ten hour work week. Its time to help out the many yechidim who have no where to turn and are too embarrassed to ask. The sky rocketting tax hikes is only making matters worse. Its time to focus all our tzedakas on עניי עירך. Many of these families are not known to the Gaboei tzadaka and are on nobody's list. If you think of a neighbor a relative or friend that has been laid off recently try to help them out in a mechubadiker way.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

One million truck washes pays back for entire DPW complex.

 After ten years DPW truckwash service brings revenue to the Township. The state of the art DPW complex cost the taxpayers $35 million but back then, politicians promised it will generate money by offering its truck wash services to other municipalities. On August 25th Manchester Township entered a shared services agreement with Lakewood Township for Manchester's use of the Lakewood truck wash facility. Manchester will pay $35 per truck. Do the math- One Million truck washes and it pays for itself, plus the politicians look brilliant. :) 
however after you factor in costs such as labor, utilities, insurance and maintenance it will probably cost Lakewood TWP more than $35 to wash a truck. What else is new.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Despite 2 percent tax cap, Lakewood, banks tax cap and taxpayers get a whopping 10 % increase

Although the 2 percent cap imposed in 2010 on increases in the property tax levy has slowed the growth of tax bills, it hasn't halted their rise. In Lakewood politicians and askanim for the last few years had us naively believing they did not raise the property tax. Well in truth they did not raise it back then, what they did was bank it. If a local government doesn't raise property taxes as much as it is permitted to do so, it gets to hold onto the unused amount in a 'cap bank' for three years. Well now we are paying a heavy price for that with a whopping tax bill. In addition to banking there are Some cost increases, that are exempt from the cap. Those exclusions include costs for shared service agreements, health insurance, pension obligations, Length of Service Award Programs (LOSAP) for volunteer firefighters and first aid organizations, capital improvements, debt service and leases, recycling taxes and emergencies.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

NJ Senator Cory Booker in Lakewood says he is not happy with funding crisis in Lakewood

NJ  DEM senator Cory Booker was in Lakewood today at the home of committeeman Mayer Lichtenstein and than at a fundraising event hosted by lakewoods Dr. Rich Roberts who is usually a GOP donor. Booker met with Roshei mosdos who brought the plight of funding for Lakewoods private schools. The senator  reiterated his support for taxpayer relief for private school parents, says not happy with funding crisis in Lakewood. The senator quipped "I cut enough ribbons as mayor, I qualify as a mohel now". When he was shown the Gemachim in the lakewood directory he asked "Do they have a 'goyim shidduch' Gemach in the Lakewood phone book?". He was than presented with a official proclamation thanking him for his support for Lakewood and Israel.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Property Taxes go up 10% -not a word from elected officials

Residents were not shocked its unfortunately become the norm but they were not expecting such a huge tax hike. If you did not cut a deal with a township committee member during reassessment, most of  taxpayers saw a huge increase for the new tax year. The average property tax in Lakewood is now in the $7,000-$8,000 range. In the last 10 years taxes went up close to $4,000!. Why do we keep voting in the same people over and over again. Spending is out of control its becoming not affordable to own a home in Lakewood. Where is the money going? with all the new construction why are taxes going up and up. The  Lakewood Vaad insists every election, the minimal raise in taxes is beneficial for the return of services benefiting the tzibbur. Well this minimal tax hike has mushroomed into thousands of dollars with no benefits. Where's the vaad now?????

Friday, September 12, 2014

Hastureh song in Kosher Taco

Residents receive free Hamodia weekly

Dont discard those free weeklies from your front door so quickly.  This week many lakewood neighborhoods received a complimentary copy of the Hamodia weekly magazine. The weekly edition has been redesigned to a new format.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Busing woes continue, adding frustration to new school year.

Not an easy beginning for the kinderlach, if the first week is any indication that's not a good sign, hopefully things will straighten themselves out.  The new staggering system is not making things easy. Children are just not getting picked up,  some buses are showing up an hour late to their routes. Its even worse on the way home, many companies are short staffed with drivers and buses, kids are getting home 2 hours after dismissal. Frustrated parents are directing their anger at school principals and administrators, who are pointing fingers at the bus companies and the BOE. Its always not smooth in the beginning of the year, as drivers get accustomed to their routes but it has never been this bad.
This comes on top of not having textbooks, nursing and special ed services. Hopefully everything will come together but parents are frustrated to say the least.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Desperate search for apartments

There is a desperate search and need for Apartments, if anyone knows of any, please let people know about it. Many newlywed couples are looking frantically. In addition, many on the HUD waiting list have now received vouchers for affordable housing they too need HUD approved units to move into. There is new construction that will hopefully free up some units, but till then if you know of something that's opening up let others that are looking know about it.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

BOE meeting- services held up by audits which delayed signing of contracts to provide services- Special ed services to resume today

  Hundreds attended a meeting where the BOE members had questions for the state monitor and school superintendent. Why now at the beginning of the year did the private schools not receive text books, nursing services, and special ed services? the laws did not change.

The state monitor's  job is to cut funding and save money for the state. They are doing  that now by auditing every contract and enforcing previous laws and closing loop holes. In the end they wont cut  much funding but inconvenience many who need essential services. 
The Title 1 special ed services - will resume based on a letter of intent while they wait for a new contract. They are enforcing a state law that services must be supplemental and can not take place during Math or English classes. Kids can not be pulled out during those periods. They can not miss those subjects. It is debatable which subjects they can miss, and that could very well be decided in court as it is up for interpretation. In the classroom they can administer the special ed services during all times.
Regarding the Text books, the hard copy ones, were held up and ordered late due to contracts issues with other type of books that were waiting approval from the state. Nursing services-should work out, the superintendent stated the district was understaffed and slow to get the contracts out. Lakewood’s business office is understaffed, leading to the delays.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Meetings are not enough its time to take action

The Igud hamosdos is calling on parents to attend the BOE special meeting. What was done here to the private schools is most probably illegal. Its time to take the district to court for what has been done. Denying essential services that are mandated to the schools as retribution and payback. Weakness on the boards part breeds more of this behavior its time to talk turkey and take action.

Traffic, road closures, construction delays as girl schools begin

Talk about planing the Girls schools will be starting today, but construction projects is delaying the opening of some schools. in addition two main roads where schools are located will be closed to traffic. Oak street is closed with complicating detours as well as James street which will be closed for construction. Is anyone in charge of avoiding these unnecessary inconveniences.

Paying a Shiva call at the Sofer home. NJ senator Cory Booker

 Cory Booker Paying a shiva visit

at a local eatery

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Partisan politics at the BOE using Lakewood school children as pawns

 The 2014-15 School year started and there is a  lack of text books, a lack of educational services and lack of nursing services in the private schools. The public schools have their text books so should the private schools. As a matter of fact the law requires they both have them equally. Giving one over the other may actually be criminal! There is absolutely no reason for this. The children don't deserve this, neither to the hard working taxpayers. The children are suffering for they are being used and abused in a game of revenge and payback. If the BOE can not urgently deal with this matter they should all be voted out ASAP. This is not only incompetence but it appears to have been deliberately done.

Why such short notice

The termination of much needed funds for special education is shocking, but many are asking why did they first notify the therapists and parents a day before the school sessions begin? This problem was not just discovered yesterday. Hundreds of therapists,teachers can be left looking for a job and were not given ample time or notice of what was to come. This is disgusting and sick. who is behind this? a technicality can be worked out if thats all it is, it seems there is more to this story.

Catapult services for special ed tells teachers there are no more jobs

Therapists working through Catapult services were notified not to come in, their jobs will no longer be available due to the loss of Title 1 Funding. They are paying them for September and then they might have to look for a new Job. Same with the special childrens center they are no longer getting funding from the Lakewood BOE for special ed services.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Politics at the BOE delays funding to agencies of TITLE 1 funds for special ed services

Forget the busing, now comes the next blow. Agencies administering Title 1 funding for special education services have yet to get the contractd for the coming school year. Catapult, Tree of knowledge, Tender touch and others are awaiting the Lakewood BOE to sign contracts for their services. Hopefully this matter will be resolved quickly and those who are responsible will have some explaining to do.

I have to work!!

Lakewood parents are frustrated. The schools and playgroups start in a few days and even then, only have a half day schedule. Mothers and fathers must make arrangements or take off from work/Yeshiva. It is a system that needs to be corrected. If we expect parents to afford the tuition we must make it easy for them to earn a parnassah. The way it is now is just frustrating, inconvinient and not fair. Nothing will happen if children stay an extra hour. Parents can not afford this.

BOE Busing gets underway staggering schedule begins

After much negotiating and hoping the BOE busing rolled out to begin the new school year. Many buses are running their routes at earlier times. The girls schools are starting Wednesday and time will tell how the staggering of start times will help save courtesy busing for Lakewood schools. Bnos Rivka Rochel, Bais Faiga, Bais Tova will start later at 9:15 am.