Friday, August 29, 2014

Sofer family shiva info

Shiva in Lakewood for  Ha'Bachur Aaron Z"L ben Reb Moshe Sofer shlita will take place Sunday morning until Thursday morning at 119 5th street, Lakewood, NJ 732-370-1217

Zmanim for minyanim
Shachris-  K'Vasikin, 2nd minyan 8:00 a.m
Mincha- 1:40 p.m
Maariv - 8:30 p.m.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Levaya for Aaron Sofer Z""L live hook up in Lakewood

The Levaya for Ha'Bachur Aaron Sofer Z"L will take place tomorrow morning in Yerushalayim at 9:30 am in the Ezras Torah neighborhood. from Even haazel Street (2:30 am Lakewood time) The kevura is in Beit shemesh at the Eitz hachaim cemetery, Lakewood chelka.
There will be a live video hookup in Lakewood 2:30 AM at Yeshivas Ohr Moshe, 21 4th Street, between Princeton and Monmouth.
The conference number to call in, is 
605-562-3131 access number is 715226#
 watch live VIDEO.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Thousands say tehilim -Chesed of Lakewood sets up fund to help with the search efforts on behalf of Aaron ben Chulda Sofer

Thousands came to Toras Aaron hall to hear divrei chizuk and daven for a safe return of Aaron sofer. Chesed of Lakewood in conjunction with Agudas yisrael jointly set up a fund to help pay for the ongoing search effort in eretz yisrael on behalf of aaron ben Chulda. You can donate here or call 732-901-0482 ext. 5

Tonight- Atzeres Tefillah in Lakewood for Aaron Sofer at Ateres Reva hall

There will be a Atzeres Tefillah tonight Wednesday August, 27 in Lakewood for missing yeshiva Bochur Aaron Sofer. It will take place at Ateres Reva hall, 500 Summer avenue Rav Yitzchok Sorotzkin shlita will give divrei Chizuk. Please continue to daven for אהרן בן חולדה.

Lakewood chadorim begin today

 The sounds of הבל פיהם של תינוקות של בית רבן will once again be heard. After lots of summer fun and camp most lakewood chadorim begin today. Lakewood cheder school delayed its opening until next week Monday giving the boys an extended vacation and the parents a headache. Hopefully all boys are accepted and have a yeshiva to go to. Let it be a zechus for us to once again hear the sweet sound of Torah from the yiddisher kinderlach.  

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lakewood community stands together with family of missing yeshiva bochur

 Lakewood citizens, Politicians, community leaders and family of missing yeshiva bochur Aaron Sofer gathered  together to call attention to the disappearance of Aaron Sofer in Israel. They pleaded to authorities both in the USA and Israel to help in finding him. A local tzedaka set up a fund to help costs associated with the search and award money on information for his return. Donation page daven for אהרן בן חולדה

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Lakewood kinderlach receive bus passes

After much uncertainty, the BOE mailed out the bus passes to the children that will iyh be going back to school this week. Lots of confusion still lies ahead with the new staggered bus schedule, as not everyone will be getting busing there are approximately 1700 students that will not get courtesy busing.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

New busing schedule will give Lakewood boy schools an early start to the day

Lakewood chadorim and yeshivos will have an earlier start to their day due to the new busing schedule. Starting time for some schools will be at 8:30.  Lakewood cheder, Shagas Aryeh, Orchos Chaim and others will have a 8:30 am start time. Breakfast will be served for the boys arriving at 8:30 school start time is at 8:45 am. On the other hand some girls schools will have a later start time beginning at 9:15 am. All this is a pilot project and trial to see how it works out. 

Lakewood Yeshiva Bochur missing in yerushalayim

Please daven for Aron ben Chulda Sofer (23) from Lakewood learning by R' Tzvi Kaplan Yeshiva  in Yerushalayim is missing after going hiking Friday near  forest in Yaar Yerushalayim. Son of Reb Moshe shlita, learns in BMG.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

No shortage of eateries and food establishments

For all those complaining there are not enough eateries near the ballpark let them drive 2 minutes into town there is no shortage at all. B'H as the town continues to grow and mature, so does the business opportunity. It seems every week a new restaurant is opening, not the old mom and pop ones but high end eateries are springing up in town. Who would have thought in Lakewood there would be an option for a steak costing close to $100! at the same time there are those who can not afford to eat out and for them these concepts are foreign. Yet, for the people relocating and  calling Lakewood home, these establishments are helping the local economy and the more people spend, the more everyone else benefits.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Blueclaws fans complain, no eateries near ballpark

 APP Blueclaws fans complain once the game is over there is not much to do. "Township officials hoped the ballpark would spawn commercial development around the park, but that failed to happen. With little but woods around the ballpark, drawing offseason business might be an issue. To the north of the stadium is the township Public Works Department, to the west is a 186-acre wooded parcel, owned by the private Cedarbridge Development Cooperation, that is slated to be the home of a high-tech business park". Well, let them drive in to town and support the local establishments whose taxes went to build the stadium. How about the township provide tours for a fee of the nearby state of the art DPW, that should make a nice family outing.  "But some fans think that more can be done to enhance the experience by luring restaurants, shops and attractions around the ballpark. "Once the game is over, we head home. There is nothing really to do around here "It's something that is really lacking. It's like they dropped the stadium in the middle of the woods." 

Binny, Bina, deja new, and others welcomed in Lakewood

The NYC council voted on a proposal that would allow for quicker removal of illegal Clothing bins and drop boxes. In Lakewood b'h we are a town of tzedaka vachesed we are proud to host these bins as a way to clothe the needy and fund-raise for mosdos. Ashreinu!! we dont see it as an eyesore-  unlike NYC they complain many bins overflow with uncollected items, are misused as trash receptacles and attract garbage pickers and vermin, opponents say. When sanitation inspectors quickly tag them, the bins’ owners take advantage of regulations giving them 30 days to haul them away.The battle of the bins comes as the textile-recycling market has grown into a $1 billion behemoth in the United States. Most donors don’t realize their old garments will never clothe the needy".  

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Stuck in that Temporary Apartment

 There is a new definition of a Temporary apt what used to be 3 months has no turned into a year and counting. True, this world is only temporary but for young newlywed couples starting out a mishpacha in Lakewood, there is no end in sight as they look desperately for suitable housing. Construction has picked up, but can not keep up with the high demand. Many couples are in one room studio apartments with a baby and still can not find an apt. Some couples are simply moving to other out of town locations such as Monsey, Clevland,Chicago and elsewhere. Those towns also have it hard to find but they have a paying Kollel to start off with. We need more housing or people just have to move elsewhere.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Enjoying the quiet streets of Lakewood

 No complaining or honking your horns, the streets can not be quieter than it is now. Are you surprised that you can park your car almost anywhere without driving around looking for a parking spot? If you ever imagined what a well planned thought out properly zoned infrastructure would look like than enjoy these few weeks of bein hazmanim. The bein hazmanim is not just who go away but for those that stay behind there is something to enjoy if only we could always have such calm and quiet all year.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Again- mid summer 75 girls still with no school

Its unfortunately the norm, children in kindergarten can not proudly say where they are going to school next year. They cant even talk about going on the big yellow bus! Parents have to hold back tears and remain tight lipped when their 5 year old asks them who her morah will be next year. Parents themselves are suffering embarrassed to tell people they did not get in or have a place yet. There is much blame to go around, school administrators upset that parents are stubbornly holding out to get into the school of their choice. Parents refusing to change a dress code that is  anathema to the ruach and chinuch they want to inoculate to the talmidos. Parents pointing fingers at schools for not accepting them because they just dont have protekzia or husband is not learning etc..The real issue  is there is a lack of room and classroom space and every year dedicated and trailblazing individuals jump in and continue to open schools for the growing demand. There is One askan a tzadik who makes sure in the end everyone will get in some way or another, but why do we have to have this suffering? why do we have to bring this upon ourselves there is no reason for this game to go on it could have all been taken care of.  Yes I know,easier said than done, just making a point.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lakewod buisnesses featured in the news

While Lakewood is not mentioned specifically but this law is very important especially to Lakewood businesses, which many already have complied. With young married women, kollel wives of child bearing age, supplying the vast majority of the workforce in town, this law is not only important but can make working much easier. Under the Affordable Care Act, employers must provide time and space for new mothers to express milk for their babies until the child turns one year old. It should be a room, a separate quiet place, not a bathroom, and let the mother express her milk and have a place to store it.

 Another Lakewood, NJ business is featured in Forbes magazine. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Lakewood is an inclusive town after all

We get a bad rap in the velt as being a elitist non inclusive society. People say, Lakewood has a holier than thou problem etc.. there is a false premise of Lakewood not being open and accepting people feel intimidated. This can not be further than the truth. A study published in Commentary magazine shows that 20 percent of the students in  Lakewood yeshiva Beth Medrah Govoha come from modern orthodox or non Charedi backgrounds. "Though most of this growth is attributable to large family size, the Haredi population has received a significant influx of recruits from other sectors of the Jewish community, most notably from Modern Orthodox families. As many as 20 percent of students at the Lakewood yeshiva were raised in non-Haredi homes". Even if its not 20 percent this is still good news to disprove the myth of us being an exclusive community. What a better way to go into Tisha bav with a feeling of ahavas chinom and achdus. If only we can take this further and make sure all Lakewood"s children be accepted into schools, both boys and girls who still do not have a school for next year.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

FOUND missing Lakewood Bochur

Update: Bochur has been found B''H earlier this morning walking on 14th street, was sleeping in a Shul all night.