Thursday, July 31, 2014

The circus is coming to town!

The circus is coming to town, no, not the BOE or the Township committee its actually the real circus. The Cole brothers circus will be in Lakewood, July 31 through August 3rd. It takes place during the Nine days and week of Tisha B'av, ask your local rabbi regarding attending due to tznius and other issues. Location is in a tent at the corner of Cedarbridge and New Hampshire at first energy park.

Lakewood parents join in the camp spirit

 Vuss tut men nit far der kinder! Look around its color war on wheels. As boys camp season begins the camps are at it again outdoing and competing with each other who can have the best PR and placement on the cars. The shtick changes yearly from the simple bumper sticker to a magnet to a flag a mirror sleeve or perhaps soon a fully painted vehicle. Bright colors catching attention as kids drive with pride ans a badge of honor to the camp they are attending. The parents happily join in despite finding it a bit embarrassing, they join along knowing it makes their children happy. That's real pride thats not needed to be displayed.

Musical chairs at the BOE

The recycle at the BOE continues former members running again for a seat on the board. APP reports Four of the six people running for three, three-year seats also ran for the school board in 2010. The tzibbur needs representatives that will not only look out for the education of Lakewood's children but look out for the wasteful  spending of hard earned tax payers. The BOE presumably has a history of mismanagement and wasteful spending with no accountability. The vaad may choose its own candidates but not what is best for the tzibbur.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Here is what askanim will not tell you about the busing deal. 1700 kids will not get busing

Despite the deal reached not everyone will be getting courtesy busing. 1700 children, even with the compromise, will not get to ride a bus. According to the APP, With the exception of the students who attend the nine schools participating in the staggered-arrival trial, more than 1,700 pupils who live within a half-mile of their classrooms will lose courtesy busing as part of the deal. 
Mechanchim are very worried about the length of the day as students will begin their day much earlier than usual and get tired as the day goes on creating challenges and potential problems later during english.

Courtesy Busing deal finalized- not the best deal

 from the APP- Going forward into the 2015-16 school year, the staggered time schedule being piloted by the nine private schools would need to be expanded in order to continue courtesy busing for all grades, Superintendent Laura Winters said. Buses will drop off students of six boys schools — Yeshiva K’Tana, Yeshiva Shagas Aryeh, Yeshiva Orchos Chaim, Yeshiva Toras Aron, Yeshiva Bais Hatorah and Tashbar of Lakewood — at 8:30 a.m., Kakavas said. 
The buses will drop off the students of three girls schools — Bais Faiga, Bais Rivka Rochel and Bais Tova — at 9:15 a.m., Kakavas said.

Biking fundraiser event moves out of Lakewood

This year the annual Bike4chai which originated in Lakewood has moved elsewhere. The event moved away and the route started in Piscataway NJ. The bikers are heading up to camp Simcha. Perhaps the fact that it takes place during the 9 days they want to keep a low profile and away from the public, unlike the fanfare and publicizing as in previous years.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Reinstatement of busing will give the kinderlach a better breakfast

Reports of the restoration of courtesy busing to the mosdos are good news for the tax payers. While the details have not been finalized, it appears some schools have agreed to share the burden and absorb changes that will benefit the olam overall. Start times have been pushed up for some while in the same time the bus routes will be shorter. The larger mosdos can fill a bus quicker and thereby help reduce the drive time. The kinderlach will also be rewarded for getting up a bit earlier with a healthier hearty breakfast in some schools. By coming earlier, the boys will not only get a snack but a meal that will fill them as they begin the school day.  

Selective reporting about Lakewood's tefillos for Eretz yisrael

For those that live online and  get their news on the internet you would think only one shul in Lakewood is saying Tehillim for the matzav in Eretz Yisrael. The Lakewood news website does not give you a  real feel or the heartbeat of whats going on in town. Each and every yid in every shul is davening and saying Tehilim for acheinu bnei yisrael. Thousands davened the tefillah of Yom kippur koton, but that was not reported on. Only those who make noise and public fanfares get the attention and coverage. The comments calling on the tzibbur in Lakewood to wake up or that finally someone is doing something about the war in Gaza, are not only hateful but foolish to say the least. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Route 9 in Lakewood shut down due to accident

Emergency services units are on the scene of a motor vehicle collision on Route 9 in Lakewood Thursday evening. The crash, which involves multiple injuries, is at Route 9 and Spruce Street, according to Ocean County Police, Fire, and EMS on Facebook. Multiple ambulances and the Ocean County Sheriff's Office's Crime Scene Investigations have been requested, the report said. PD ESCORTING DRIVER TO JSUMC, SUBJ IS IN CUSTODY 
Route 9 is closed between Oak Street and Prospect Street in Lakewood at 9:15 p.m., according to

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lakewood Hock Twitter feed to shut down

 Unless it was hacked, the Lakewood Hock Twitter feed @LkwdNews  issued a final tweet saying it will no longer send out alerts. This was the final tweet "Due to requests from Hatzolah and Askanim in Lkwd, @LkwdNews will be shutting down. Thanks for everyone's support for past 4 years." Assuming the account was not hacked this is sad news for the tzibbur. Obviously there were concerns with privacy issues publicizing hatzolah calls and the nature of the call even though it is public information. Despite that, it served a vital service letting people know what is going on especially during hurricane Sandy and other times of emergency, people had no other way of getting information. Its only a matter of time before someone else opens a twitter feed of the same nature. Askanim should worry about more important things like busing instead of censoring some kid with a scanner.

How much do you pay for that watermelon, how to pick one out.

When it comes to watermelon shopping how many of us actually buy it in one of the local frum stores. Unlike other items, watermelon can not be sold close to an expiration date at a cheaper price. The frum Lakewood stores either can not or wont compete with shop rite or other brand name stores. Many would love to shop and patronize local merchants but not at any price. Watermelon this week on sale at ALDI supermarket $3.99, Stop and shop 69¢/lb. with your card. 
To pick a nice watermelon, look for a nice symmetrical shape free of cuts and bruises. The bottom of melon should be a nice yellow color, showing that it laid on the ground as the sun ripened it. Since it is mostly water, it should be heavy in weight so you know it is not yet drying out. There are, of course, certain health risks associated with spoiled watermelon, so always remember to practice food safety and enjoy your fruits and vegetables prior to their eat by date. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

A frustrating week

What are you doing with your boys? thats the common question asked in town today. The gap between end of school and beginning of camp frustrates the hard working parents as well as the youngeleit. There are no solutions in sight, as each one of the mosdos decides whats best for their own interest and schedule. Its time we work together as a tzibbur and look out for the interest of the klal. A shtut thats prides itself for Torah learning should not have this constant burden on parents to continuously take off or make arrangements on watching the children. The system can be fixed if personal interest were moved aside for the benefit of the olam.  

Give back to the Doc

DR. Shanik is synonymous to Lakewood like apple pie is to America. Well not really a comparison but you get what were saying here. Doctor Shanik, not only is he Lakewood's pediatrician (no offense to the others) but he and his wife have established Lakewood's original Tzedakah- Ahavas Tzadaka for poor families. Show support and give something back to the doc whose always there for us 24/7 literally. Bais Faiga hall 7:15 pm.

Monday, July 14, 2014

I was here first

Many developments in town share the same challenges and issues. The most common among them are puting up with the original members or founders who moved in when it was built. Many of the problems in developments come from the fact that the first dwellers decided how things should run with out waiting it out for all homes to be occupied. what nusach to daven? who will be the rav? who is on the vaad? who is the unofficial mayor? etc.. etc.., the list goes on and on. Looking back many machlokes and fights could have been avereted had people waited things out with a little patience. Control and kavod unfortunately take over and forces the new comers with a constant uphill battle. The flip side is people will never agree on one issue, might as well do it first before there is a chance for opposition.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Parking meters coming to downtown?
Who are they fooling here, parking is not the main problem now. Metered parking will not necessarily fix or clean up the mess. You would think there are no other shopping areas in town. Yes many enjoy and would like to shop downtown on main street. Unfortunately, there are still stores and elements that keep people away from shopping there, its not only a parking problem. Although the downtown still seems to be a favorite place to shop for many, more has to be done. Women and children are scared and not comfortable to walk by certain areas of Clifton Avenue. Adding   meters will push customers to shop elsewhere. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Newcomers dont have it easy

With many newcomers to town both young newlyweds or old retirees they both have the same thing in common. Lakewood is not that welcoming or easy breaking in to. Not blaming the olam C''V but there is no system set up helping young couples beginning their journey. What doctor to they use, how does the Mikva system work? where can one shop, what school will take my kids in to? which mechanic can I trust? whose a good cleaners? There are many challenges that the older established population takes advantage of but does not do enough to help the newcomers. People are left to fend for themselves unless you have a existing social network of family and friends you are lost. A few stores offer newly weds and newcomers 3 months of discount pricing but thats just to attract costumers. So many chesed organizations why cant we have a system that teaches the ropes to those that dont have the pull and protekzia at their disposal.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Time for the Truck wash service to begin maybe it can pay for busing.

The 40 million dollar state of the art DPW complex was said to bring in revenue with offering truck wash servicing to nearby townships. Has that ever happened? The old DPW complex was supposed to be sold to a developer and bring in revenue to Lakewood township has that happened? It is still sitting empty. There is no one accountable for this waste of tax payer money. The politicians and askanim say all the right things when approving these projects, but looking back nothing of what was promised has actually taken place. Yet we vote them in again and again. Genug shain mit der hefkeirus fun yiddishe gelt.

Friday, July 4, 2014

A cry from below

We pass each other a few times a day sometimes ill get a quick nod but other than that we have nothing to do with each other. I only happen to be living here for almost 6 years but as far as your concerned I'm not an upstairs guy I'm a subterranean. I was not even invited to the neighbors kiddush why? am I only there to offset your high property taxes? I'm not looking to join in with the click and the social get togethers of the upstairs neighbors. I understand there is an age gap im still a newlywed and your making Bar Mitvahs and aufrufs. Does that make me not welcome and not count? You can say hello, inquire about my life a little dont worry about being too intrusive we live in a development after all. Yes im in a basement and sometimes its dark but it would be nice if some upstairs neighbors can lighten up a little bit.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Voting is not the solution

A BOE member in a recent interview said, the only way to get Trenton to listen is to Vote, vote, vote. If politicians see a strong voting turnout In Lakewood we have a better chance of having their ear and cater to our needs. In truth this is not the solution, Lakewood has always shown a strong voter turnout a primary or general electionin Lakewood has a high voter turnout. Its the askanim who pass themselves off to the politicians as liaisons and representatives of the community that  in turn only use and abuse the voting power of the Tzibbur to their own benefit. The politicians dont know better and believe they are catering to the needs of the entire community. Some say that our current State senator could come up with the funding for the courtesy busing. Why has this not been done??

Why we need courtesy busing-

Just in case you did not have a good reason for the need to have busing the APP comes up with a new one -
Weisberg compared the prospect of Lakewood's children walking to school in September to that of three Israeli teenagers who were found dead in a pit in late June after they tried to hitchhike home in the West Bank "Let's not think of what could happen to our children if they decided to hitchhike to school," Weisberg said. "We don't buy that this is a luxury. This is for the safety of our children."

Task force committee rejects first proposal that would have saved courtesy busing

When was the last time buses were on time?
APP- Private school leaders have rejected a 15-minute change in the start time for schools, even though the savings likely would have been enough to retain courtesy busing for all students, a district official said. In a private meeting Wednesday designed to find some solution to the district busing battle, Lakewood officials proposed that girls schools start at 8:45 a.m. and that boys schools start at 9:15 a.m. —instead of 9 a.m. for everyone. But the township's private school leaders said no, said Gus Kakavas, the district's transportation consultant. The change would have resulted in at least $3 million in savings, he said.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Busing decision must be reached today

According to a report in the APP public and private school leaders must reach a decision by today on whether any agreement can be reached on changes to the township’s courtesy busing program that might enable Lakewood to bus more students, a district official said. Because the public bidding process that private transportation companies will participate in needs to begin shortly so everything is in place for the first day of school. Some have suggested, Staggering the start times of the private schools that use courtesy busing, combining bus routes or minimizing individual house stops, as ways to bring savings to the practice.