Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Event in the Tent

Busing update

Unfortunately there appears to be no update. There are a few options of staggering starting times but does not seem practical. While the funding for the busing has not been allocated. Askanim involved have secured the necessary funding for their own personal programs and projects. They are strong believers of חייך קודמין. How can they not have a conflict of interest representing the klal when they look out for themselves. They secure and protect funding for themselves such as programs or contracts (many which are not mandated just like courtesy busing) that are funded by the tax payers. Courtesy busing which is a benefit to the entire tzibbur and the only thing tax payers get in return is put up on the chopping block and axed from the budget. Its time for those with negios and personal interests to stop representing the tzibbur. Why are they different then a dayan who is a karov or a pair of eidim that are krovim.

ושבו בנים

Shayn far der velt uber nit unzer derech!/news/local/Shore-Support-for-Kidnapped-Israeli-Teens/264470411

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Its been two weeks since the bus drill yet we have not heard of any progress or update. NUU! we want answers! The Lakewood print media media this week was full of feel good articles about the Achdus and kiddush hashem that was prevalent during the busing protest. The Tzibbur is not looking to feel good, they want answers and results. Askanim just keep on deflecting the issue while talking about the success of the bus drill, how the manipulated the entire gullible tzibbur to carry out their plan. They secure funding for their own projects but the klal as usual is taken advantage of and used for others personal gain.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Build for the future

Ask any newlywed couple or chosson and kallah about their search to find a suitable apartment in Lakewood. You can do a big chesed by helping them. There is currently a shortage of available apartments for rent, the need to add more housing is great. To call for a slowdown in growth and construction does not do any good to the future of a growing town. We need more residential units and living space. Its not only young couples moving in but seniors and others as well are flocking here. The needs and benefit of the tzibbur should be addressed when issuing zoning permits, making sure they have enough space for parking and a shul big enough for all to daven in.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Think about the little guy

 Excerpts from an op-ed in the Yated, article does not pertain to a specific community.
Nevertheless it pays for all askanim and leaders political or otherwise, to understand that even goodwill is not unlimited. Goodwill is squandered when the support of the tzibbur is so taken for granted that not enough is made to truly understand and address their needs and concerns. When the little guy feels there are different standards for those well connected cynicism sets in. The goodwill of our community is not endless we have so many difficult issues to confront, and when asked to toe the line without seeing any return, people eventually loose their enthusiasm lose their focus, become jaded, and in the worst case rebel.
Power comes from the Tzibbur. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mazel Tov -LCBTF- it has a name now, the Lakewood Community Busing Task Force

Instead of dealing with the real issues, askanim are patting themselves on their back taking credit for the great bus drill they orchestrated. They already named the committee  in charge of dealing with the busing issues. Genug shoin with these Leitzanus. The drill was a diversion to the core issues and they are being ignored.  Its time for The gullible tzibbur to stop trusting these anonymous askanim who are taking advantage of a sad situation.Time to focus on the spending of all the tax monies.

Binny and Bina Buses running despite bus drill

A Robo call went out that the Lakewood Cheder  Binny and Binah school buses are operating despite the bus drill. Clothing can always be dropped off any tinme. A cute marketing idea except for the fact that calls were made early morning, rather than the night before.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

אלה ברכב ואלה בסוסים

While most parents are driving their kids to school, one adventurous Lakewood parent has decided to take his children to school with a horse and buggy. Lets see if he will actually do it at least it will make an interesting ride. look out for horse drawn wagons be safe...

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Decision to go forth with grid lock traffic hopefully will put pressure on those in power to do something.

After a few meetings among the Igud hamosdos it was decided to go ahead with the planned car pool to school as a show to the state and those in power what it would look like without courtesy busing. Parents will be asked to drive their kids to and fro school later this week. 

However, why should parents be asked to do something that those in a position of power can settle the busing issue if they really want. It is bad enough that we are working hard to cover expenses and are barely making ends meet. Cant this be resolved without having to schlep the parents into it?