Monday, June 30, 2014

Mikva raid

With the week of the latest shkia of the year there is no end in site to the late appointments. Its nice but sad that a posek is available and on call at 1 AM. Why is the construction not moving along. They are collecting for over 15 years for a new Mikva Tahara. The current one was mortgaged out, where is all the money, who is responsible for this? Why are a few yechidim in total control over such a important asset of the Tzibbur. Women can not get appointments before 12:30  why is this not also a tznius issue to have people get home so late. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Event in the Tent

Busing update

Unfortunately there appears to be no update. There are a few options of staggering starting times but does not seem practical. While the funding for the busing has not been allocated. Askanim involved have secured the necessary funding for their own personal programs and projects. They are strong believers of חייך קודמין. How can they not have a conflict of interest representing the klal when they look out for themselves. They secure and protect funding for themselves such as programs or contracts (many which are not mandated just like courtesy busing) that are funded by the tax payers. Courtesy busing which is a benefit to the entire tzibbur and the only thing tax payers get in return is put up on the chopping block and axed from the budget. Its time for those with negios and personal interests to stop representing the tzibbur. Why are they different then a dayan who is a karov or a pair of eidim that are krovim.

ושבו בנים

Shayn far der velt uber nit unzer derech!/news/local/Shore-Support-for-Kidnapped-Israeli-Teens/264470411

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Who is the the real heartbeat of the community

Unless you live in a cave, by now you should be aware of the annual evening of chizuk on behalf of the kolell members of BMG. It is from the biggest events taking place in lakewood. It was advertised in all the local Lakewood periodicals. Mailings were sent out, Roshei Yeshiva have trekked across town for many shabbosim on behalf of this campaign. But if you count on TLS to provide you with news and the goings on in town, this big event- Lmaan hakolell, one of the biggest events of the year has been omitted from any report and totally ignored. The old Mir Rosh yeshiva Rav Aryeh Finkel shlita is coming to the US for this event, but in the report on the scoop this minor detail was left out. If one were an advertiser he would expect that the biggest event of the year be reported and covered. Its silly to ignore it for what ever justifiable reason there is. The heartbeat of the community is not reporting traffic accidents, or a platform for political views, the heartbeat, is the Torah learnt by the youngeleit in Bais Medrash Govoha.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Do you respond to this nonsense?

A Nationally anti Semitic paper ran a story on Lakewood. The report is full of  lies, distortions, and hate, actually ignorant and a laughable read. A report written in a paper that's known to issue a platform to Holocaust deniers and anti Semites. The article is one clueless ramble that looks to paint hard working tax payers in a bad light only because of their race and religion. The question is do you respond to this nonsense and show the truth or is it better to ignore and not pay attention to this pack of lies and hate. Whats more worrisome, is there someone from within that has an ax to grind. 


Its been two weeks since the bus drill yet we have not heard of any progress or update. NUU! we want answers! The Lakewood print media media this week was full of feel good articles about the Achdus and kiddush hashem that was prevalent during the busing protest. The Tzibbur is not looking to feel good, they want answers and results. Askanim just keep on deflecting the issue while talking about the success of the bus drill, how the manipulated the entire gullible tzibbur to carry out their plan. They secure funding for their own projects but the klal as usual is taken advantage of and used for others personal gain.

Monday, June 16, 2014

State to not grant funding for Busing no public busing in Lakewood

No, not courtesy busing (so far no word on that) The public bus transportation that was expected to start in Lakewood Township next month appears to have stalled. The State appears to have not granted the grant which would have funded the initial pilot program. While some may be upset about this, the eventual burden would have fallen on the local tax payers. The program would have expanded at the expense of the Lakewood taxpayer stuck with the bill. Do a chesed pick up a yid give rides, Yes, give a hitch to a bochur at the corner as long as it is safe to stop.

Build for the future

Ask any newlywed couple or chosson and kallah about their search to find a suitable apartment in Lakewood. You can do a big chesed by helping them. There is currently a shortage of available apartments for rent, the need to add more housing is great. To call for a slowdown in growth and construction does not do any good to the future of a growing town. We need more residential units and living space. Its not only young couples moving in but seniors and others as well are flocking here. The needs and benefit of the tzibbur should be addressed when issuing zoning permits, making sure they have enough space for parking and a shul big enough for all to daven in.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Think about the little guy

 Excerpts from an op-ed in the Yated, article does not pertain to a specific community.
Nevertheless it pays for all askanim and leaders political or otherwise, to understand that even goodwill is not unlimited. Goodwill is squandered when the support of the tzibbur is so taken for granted that not enough is made to truly understand and address their needs and concerns. When the little guy feels there are different standards for those well connected cynicism sets in. The goodwill of our community is not endless we have so many difficult issues to confront, and when asked to toe the line without seeing any return, people eventually loose their enthusiasm lose their focus, become jaded, and in the worst case rebel.
Power comes from the Tzibbur. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mazel Tov -LCBTF- it has a name now, the Lakewood Community Busing Task Force

Instead of dealing with the real issues, askanim are patting themselves on their back taking credit for the great bus drill they orchestrated. They already named the committee  in charge of dealing with the busing issues. Genug shoin with these Leitzanus. The drill was a diversion to the core issues and they are being ignored.  Its time for The gullible tzibbur to stop trusting these anonymous askanim who are taking advantage of a sad situation.Time to focus on the spending of all the tax monies.

Binny and Bina Buses running despite bus drill

A Robo call went out that the Lakewood Cheder  Binny and Binah school buses are operating despite the bus drill. Clothing can always be dropped off any tinme. A cute marketing idea except for the fact that calls were made early morning, rather than the night before.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Parents are the ones driving, not the kids

Its bad enough parents are giving up their time to participate in the drill and drive their kids to school. What they don't need, is to be treated like children by all these articles and letters posted on websites about behaving nicely, making a kiddush hashem. These parents are mature and responsible they don't have to be taught the rules of the road and how to have proper drivers etiquette. Neither to they need these kiddush hashem pats on the back. All they want is busing and accountability for the spending. Why do some feel they have the authority to degrade and insult the intelligence of the choshuva tzibbur. 

Practice drill did not reflect reality to come, with lack of buses on the roads during morning traffic

The practice drill could have been worse and did not reflect the eventual reality in September. Most of the morning traffic comes from the school buses stopping to pick up children, because they ran empty they were off the roads by the time everyone drove their kids to school. Many streets were deserted and easier to drive through. A better plan for tomorrows drill, would be, to have a mix of buses and cars, Askanim should have all younger grades from primary through 3rd go on the buses tomorrow, that would be a taste of what is to come in September. 

אלה ברכב ואלה בסוסים

While most parents are driving their kids to school, one adventurous Lakewood parent has decided to take his children to school with a horse and buggy. Lets see if he will actually do it at least it will make an interesting ride. look out for horse drawn wagons be safe...

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Frustration finger pointing and anger as a result of budget crisis

For the average youngerman or taxpayer they can not understand how we got ourselves into this mess with courtesy busing. Many are just frustrated with many unanswered questions.
 Where is all the tax money going? how could it be with thousands of homes going up recently adding money to the tax rolls and they can not allocate 6 million dollars for busing? what has the Vaad done all this time? they always ask for our vote but than you dont hear from them until the next election. How much money are the tax exempt properties costing us? why does Schi get so much of the BOE money? why did the BOE let courtesy busing get axed from the budget? How many illegals are in the public school system? why do some developments have a lower tax rate fixed for them? why are taxes going up every year?
 is anyone in charge does anyone care????

Doing the right thing

The Lakewood scoop appears to have removed posts from its Facebook page that had disparaging and anti semetic remarks about the Frum olam in Lakewood as was posted previously about it

Monday, June 9, 2014

Are we getting the real news from the Lakewood news source

Rav Aryeh Finkel from the Mir yeshiva in Israel will be coming to Lakewood as the guest speaker for the evening of Chizuk by BMG. Yet the lakewood scoop omits this "minor detail" from the report. Is that the heartbeat of the community, by ignoring to report on a major event in town. Its foolish when there are ads in all local papers of the Mir Rosh yeshiva speaking at the BMG tent but TLS will not report on it.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Decision to go forth with grid lock traffic hopefully will put pressure on those in power to do something.

After a few meetings among the Igud hamosdos it was decided to go ahead with the planned car pool to school as a show to the state and those in power what it would look like without courtesy busing. Parents will be asked to drive their kids to and fro school later this week. 

However, why should parents be asked to do something that those in a position of power can settle the busing issue if they really want. It is bad enough that we are working hard to cover expenses and are barely making ends meet. Cant this be resolved without having to schlep the parents into it?

Friday, June 6, 2014

Grid lock threat not a solution to the real problem its a smokescreen for the real issues

The planned gridlock threat is a temporary band aid to the core issue at hand. Complaining to the NJ Dept of  Transportation is a diversion and a deflection of the real issue. The big unanswered question is where is all the tax money going?? The ones to complain to is the NJ dept of Education NOT transportation.
Why is the state allowing over to $100k per student in special education but will not alocate a dime for courtesy busing. Who is responsible for the $6 million shortfall in tax money at the BOE? why dont the askanim campaign for a change in state aid on behalf of the Lakewood children. Until these questions are answered we will get nowhere.

Running a clean election campaign wont get you too far

Ask defeated candidate  Joel schwartz who lost in the primary election. In his message to the Lakewood community he writes "Although the results didn’t turn out as I’d hoped, I am very proud of how we ran this campaign, by sticking to the issues we face here in Lakewood and staying away from un-necessary personal attacks." Being nice and not attacking an opponent unfortunately wont get you too far.
Welcome to Lakewood Politics Mr. Schwartz. 

When the Vaad wont dirty their hands to fight for the tzibbur on busing the Igud kicks in

The Igud hamosdos is taking a first step to pressure and bring awareness of the reality Lakewood children will be facing in September. A plan is in the works to have all parents drive their children to school on the same day which will cause mass gridlock and traffic jams all over town. This is just to get a taste of whats to come when courtesy busing will be dropped. The vaad and askanim had many opportunities to bring the issue up with state officials yet they chose to ignore it and focus on priorities that will benefit others. Lets hope the Igud hamosdos will bring about  the much needed change in the state formula or get the funding needed that will benefit the tzibbur.

Lakewood askanim should learn from their brothers in Monsey- but they wont

In The East Ramapo school district which includes Monsey- the tax payers face similar challenges to Lakewood's problems. There has been a push to get NY state to change the formula in funding which will benefit school districts such as East Ramapo where there are many more non public school students than those currently enrolled in Public school. Last week leaders and activist went to Albany and met with many NY state officials explaining and asking for the change of formula.
Why cant Lakewood do the same? the answer is simple. Senator Cory Booker was in town recently as was senate president Sweeney. Community leaders met with them and posed for photo-ops. The busing issue was not brought up to them, neither were many issues which are effecting the tzibbur. There are a few Mosdos that need favors from the state and therefore will not use up any favor that will benefit the tzibbur at large at their own personal expense.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Why is this primary on Erev Shavuos different than last time.

Why did the Lakewood vaad suddenly change from its policy and tell everyone to go and vote for their candidate. The last round of primaries that came out on Erev Shavuos in 2011 the Vaad did not issue any endorsement or call to go vote. Did something change? are the issues more pressing this time around? Taxes have gone up and the vaad wants us to keep voting in the same politicians. 
Please explain.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Why wont the Lakewood vaad endorse a candidate in the primary election

In the general elections the Lakewood Vaad is instrumental in getting the tzibbur to vote for a candidate of their choice.  Letters are mailed to all residents explaining their choice of candidates. The first reason is usually hakoras hatov followed by who has and or will help the mosdos in town. Raising taxes and uncontrolled spending is never in the equation when choosing a candidate. on the contrary the Vaad calls on the tzibbur to minimally sacrifice by letting a small tax hike take place as in the long run the benefit to the tzibbur is financially greater than a small tax increase.
Now with primary vote taking place many have gotten the tax bills for the coming fiscal year it has been raised over 2 percent, there is the threat of no busing for children 4th grade and up. Where is the achrayus to the tzibbur from the Lakewood vaad? do they care? why not tell us who to vote for. Which candidate is the lesser of two evils.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Seniors get a deal, what about the rest of us

Its rumored, a politician running for office in Lakewood cut a deal with the seniors and offered to lower their property tax assessment in exchange for their votes. Some adult communities will have their property taxes lowered. But who will foot the bill? expenses are not going down. Look out for more cuts to essential services and referendums asking voters to approve more taxes than the NJ state cap of 2 %. The taxpayers of Lakewood must wake up and not let this happen we need to reign in on the spending and find out where all the money is going? The politicians in office are the ones to blame for the non stop tax hikes. Why do we keep on voting for them again and again.