Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Event in the Tent

Busing update

Unfortunately there appears to be no update. There are a few options of staggering starting times but does not seem practical. While the funding for the busing has not been allocated. Askanim involved have secured the necessary funding for their own personal programs and projects. They are strong believers of חייך קודמין. How can they not have a conflict of interest representing the klal when they look out for themselves. They secure and protect funding for themselves such as programs or contracts (many which are not mandated just like courtesy busing) that are funded by the tax payers. Courtesy busing which is a benefit to the entire tzibbur and the only thing tax payers get in return is put up on the chopping block and axed from the budget. Its time for those with negios and personal interests to stop representing the tzibbur. Why are they different then a dayan who is a karov or a pair of eidim that are krovim.

ושבו בנים

Shayn far der velt uber nit unzer derech!/news/local/Shore-Support-for-Kidnapped-Israeli-Teens/264470411

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Binny and Bina Buses running despite bus drill

A Robo call went out that the Lakewood Cheder  Binny and Binah school buses are operating despite the bus drill. Clothing can always be dropped off any tinme. A cute marketing idea except for the fact that calls were made early morning, rather than the night before.