Saturday, May 31, 2014

Lakewood primary elections June 3rd 2014 who to vote for

Many will be busy erev shavuos with Yom tov preparations however it is incumbent to go and and vote. It is time to vote GRIP, Get Rid of Incumbent Politicians. They just raised taxes again. Look back how the taxes keep going up getting raised year after year. Those in office did nothing and do nothing to stop it. They are there for their own personal interest and can not represent the people who voted for them in the first place. Its time for fresh faces that are not beholden to special interests, or pols that are in office to advance a career.
The Tax payers of Lakewood have had ENOUGH!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Does anyone really care for the תינוקות של בית רבן of Lakewood

 While Lakewood mourns the loss of Mrs. Ziva Krieger A'H, she was a person who devoted her life for the chinuch of all children in Lakewood. She did it for free never charged anyone and her goal was that each child get the best chinuch that was tailored to their need. Unfortunately there are many who are involved in the chinuch of the tashbar of Lakewood but for the wrong reason. Its all about money and power. Therapists and other professionals dont hold a candle to what mrs. Kriger a"h did for the children in town. While there are many moros, Rebbeim and teachers that are dedicating their life to teach the tashbar, there are unfortunately others who only see dollar signs, and children are getting destroyed and neglected as a result of their pursuit of power and greed.  

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lakewood homeowners receive estimated Tax bills-TAXES RAISED MORE THAN 2%

Something to keep in mind as elections near. The Taxes just keep going up and UP.. where the money is going is anyones guess but for courtsey busing there is not a cent. Not only that but there is a shortfall. This appears to be a rippoff of the Lakewood tax payers. WHERE IS ALL THE MONEY GOING??? New construction is adding more money to the tax rolls. Many seniors are moving in paying high property taxes without using services of the BOE at all. Its time to take back control from those that are in power and year after year all they do is raise our taxes.


A report in the APP about a closed door meeting at the Lakewood Township Municipal building. The meeting was about the future of the Township schools and the BOE. While no official word on what took place at the meeting it appears things got heated among the discussions. hopefully this will bring about a solution to the busing crisis and other issues.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Can we use the same resources to fix other problems.

They filled up both Lake terrace and Ateres Chana halls in Lakewood and thousands of women came to listen and get chizuk on guarding their home and family from the dangers of technology.  Organizers had it all worked out to get everyone to the asifa quickly and safely back home. If only the askanim can use the same drive and resources to help solve the busing issue so our children can get to and from school safe and sound. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Sidewalks should not be in lieu of busing time for a real "concrete" solution

Drive around town and your bound to get stuck in traffic, rerouted following a detour due to street closures. The Lakewood Township is adding and repairing many sidewalks around the busy streets apparently as they plan on eliminating courtesy busing which will have thousands of kids walking through the streets of town. 

These sidewalks should have been laid years ago regardless. There are many pedestrians  who walk the streets and should be able to do so in a safe manner. However the roads are still dangerous for children to walk on even with the addition and extension of some sidewalks. Let the BOE come up with a real concrete solution.

Gathering tonight, not for busing

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Tax payers should not foot the bill for the $6 million in state report

Following the NJ state reports that alleged the Lakewood school district improperly spent more than $6 million in state and federal funds, It will fall once again on the taxpayers to foot the bill. 
Why should the tax payers pay for no fault of their own. whoever  signed off on these bills they are the ones to take responsibility. We can no longer afford these tax hikes while at the same time lose courtesy busing.

Friday, May 23, 2014

BOE cant account for 760 ipad laptops for $468,000 -but no Money for busing-

The state report is out on the spending in Lakewood BOE
The township's school district, already facing a multi million-dollar budget deficit, could be on the hook to repay more than $6 million in state and federal grants. In two new reports issued by the state Department of Education's Office of Fiscal Accountability and obtained by the Asbury Park Press, state investigators found district enrollment figures were inflated and incomplete records were provided for federal Title I spending for the 2011-12 school year. Title I funding is given to districts with a high number of children from low-income families. 

Nebach a tragedy- why start the blame game

Nebach a little girl was nifteres A"H in Lakewood in a car accident. A horrible tragedy for all those involved. It could have happened Lo aleinu anywhere to anyone at anytime. Why does TLS allow comments both on the website and Facebook page about the Lakewood community that are disparaging and seemingly anti Semitic. Lakewood does not deserve this. 
Funny the Scoop posted this on their Facebook page  

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The olam in Lakewood is not that stupid- lets get together and fix the issues

Where is all the money going?

The million dollar question what is happening with all the tax money collected by the Township of Lakewood. Our property taxes is from the highest in NJ, most of the children are not enrolled in the public school system. The religious community is sending their children to private schools. New Homes are going up all over, bringing in revenue, there is development in all areas of Lakewood. Who is taking the money? Even if the numbers are correct that there are 5000 students enrolled in the public school system (It is probably much lower than that) it still does not  add up. There are 25,000 Lakewood children that are paying taxes and they are not in public school why is there no money in the BOE for courtesy busing?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Enrolling all Lakewood children to public school will cost NJ $500 million while the state has a budget shortfall of $800 million
Nj Governor Chris Christie is slashing from various pension funds and elsewhere as he looks to close a budget gap of nearly $807 million. If all of Lakewood's  25,000 private school students were to enroll in the Public school system it would cost the state according to estimates close to half a billion dollars. They would have to build ten school buildings before you factor in the per student expense. The savings to the state is huge. All we are asking is for a few million dollars for safety busing for the children whose parents are paying sky high taxes.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

priorities? children come first.

Last week there was a Asifa gathering for all Lakewood Moros and mechanchos to strengthen the area of Tznius. Today another meeting and asifa will take place in somerset, NJ for all mechanchim and Rebbeim in Lakewood about chinuchand the dangers of technology. More asifos are planned next week for all ladies and mothers in Lakewood about the internet. Why are we not using our resources to fix the current budget in the BOE. 
The Tinokos shel bais raban of Lakewood should be first priority.

Senator Cory Booker visits Lakewood- Did askanim show him the real issues?

NJ senator Cory Booker was in Lakewood he was given a tour of the SCHI school and other places of education among other establishments. He than had a meeting with community leaders and honchos. Did the askanim take the opportunity to show him the many homeowners that are paying taxes through the roof? How about the busing issue as the state representative, was he made aware of the shortfall Lakewood is in. Did they tell him how we are shortchanged by the state formula? Or did they only show him what was in their personal interest and maybe promise him a vote?

Monday, May 19, 2014

NJ State formula for special education eating up taxes and BOE money
There should be enough money for busing within the BOE but the state special ed policy is a reason why taxes are so high. Lakewood busing issue and high property taxes is a result of this. In a report, the center on budget and policy priorities, based in Washington  points out that special ed policies set by the state need major changes.
A key characteristic of all of these classification and cost differential issues is that state, rather than local, policies make the major difference. States, along with the federal government, set both the policies under which local schools determine their special education classifications and expenditures and the incentives that make those policies work. A number of policy experts and advocates in New Jersey are recommending changes in the state’s special education policies to improve efficiency and reduce expenditures. But such changes have nothing to do with a property tax cap.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Why not Lakewood politicians too?
If they gamble with our money anyways, why not join the tournament?
Mayors from around New Jersey will come to Atlantic City next week to play with someone else's money. The mayors face off Thursday in an online poker tournament to raise money for charity and to promote New Jersey's fledgling Internet gambling industry. Confirmed participants include Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop, Brick Mayor John Ducey, Freehold Township Mayor David Salkin and Galloway Township Mayor Don Purdy. Others are expected to participate as well. The tournament will be held in the new poker room at Bally's Atlantic City.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Meetings and more meetings

The  roshei hamosdos met last night in an effort to find a solution to the courtesy busing. Different options and ideas were explored including staggering the start times of schools for boys and girls. These savings are minimal, we need our state representatives to fight and advocate for a change to the current formula in state aid otherwise the problems will not go away. Its not only a Lakewood, NJ issue it is effecting other communities in NJ such as fair lawn, Teaneck, Passaic.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

A dangerous gamble

Courtesy busing should never have become an issue or a threat as something that will be cut from the budget. It is the only benefit the tax payers have for private school students that comes from the BOE. Most of the therapy funding comes from  federal grants through Title I. The big chachomim who used it as a threat took a big gamble and now we are paying the price for it. Did they take into account that the budget may get passed with these proposed cuts? 
Now what?

New store will hopefully bring relief to food prices in Lakewood

A trip to NY is not cheap but the price of kosher food is still much cheaper than Lakewood. You cant compare. With many struggling families, hopefully another supermarket will compete with or break the current monopoly of food prices in town and make shopping affordable, saving the trip over the verrazano. 

Blame our state representatives and askanim who elected them for Lakewood busing issue.

 The elected officials who were sent to Trenton to represent those that elected them at the state level are to blame for the current crisis with courtesy busing. Why was the issue of school formula  in Lakewood  never brought up?  That should have been a primary concern. It is time for accountability and for those involved until now, to step aside and let others who are not beholden to politicians or special interests to fight on behalf of the tax paying public who they must represent.

Will this help the Lakewoood Mikvah issue

Finally a solution to the Mikvah crisis in town. Woman are first getting appointments after 1:00 AM! it is going on for awhile now with no solution in site. Others are traveling to nearby Deal or Manalapan  were they can get earlier appointments. The mikvaos are controlled by a few yechidim and it is up to them when to build and finish up the construction. Its impossible for anyone to schedule an early appointment. There is money available to build. The tzibbur should demand the construction should be completed asap.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thousands of kids to lose busing- not a sound from the mosdos or organizations

With thousands of students losing busing where are all the organizations that are here to help the community? where are the VAAD members who come election time, are in your face scaring you into voting for their candidate. Now when it counts where are they?? It is time for the olam to take matters into their own hands.

Where are the leaders? where is the Lakewood vaad

There is a threat of no busing across the board for private schools from 4th grade and up. Why is everyone silent on this issue? why didn't the VAAD call on all parents to show up to the BOE meeting. Only when its good for them do they call on the tzibbur. If the askanim in charge can not represent the tzibbur they should respectively give up the reins to those who will advocate and fight on behalf of the olam. 

Lakewood challenges

Who is taking achrayus for the busing issues. Why are we not standing up for the saftey of תשב''ר We need to join together and not leave it up to the askanim that got us into this mess.