Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lakewood homeowners receive estimated Tax bills-TAXES RAISED MORE THAN 2%

Something to keep in mind as elections near. The Taxes just keep going up and UP.. where the money is going is anyones guess but for courtsey busing there is not a cent. Not only that but there is a shortfall. This appears to be a rippoff of the Lakewood tax payers. WHERE IS ALL THE MONEY GOING??? New construction is adding more money to the tax rolls. Many seniors are moving in paying high property taxes without using services of the BOE at all. Its time to take back control from those that are in power and year after year all they do is raise our taxes.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

New store will hopefully bring relief to food prices in Lakewood

A trip to NY is not cheap but the price of kosher food is still much cheaper than Lakewood. You cant compare. With many struggling families, hopefully another supermarket will compete with or break the current monopoly of food prices in town and make shopping affordable, saving the trip over the verrazano.